Conformal Coatings Market to reach a market size of $14 billion by 2025

Press release   •   Jan 03, 2020 12:32 IST

According to a new report Global Conformal Coatings Market, published by KBV Research, The Global Conformal Coatings Market size is expected to reach $14 billion by 2025, rising at a market growth of 5.44% CAGR during the forecast period.

Acrylic is expected to be witness the fastest growth among other products in Conformal Coatings market. The acrylic conformal coating would gain remarkable progress as it exhibit its intrinsic property of rapid drying thereby having an upper hand as compared to its alternative products especially in sectors such as electronics and automotive. This property enables its use in a wide range of applications in automotive and electronics industries. Also, other properties including easy application and moisture resistance make its further conducive for its diverse applications across industries The Silicone market is expected to witness a CAGR of 5.1% during (2019-2025).

The Asia Pacific market dominated the Global Conformal Coatings Market by Region in 2018. The Europe market is expected to witness a CAGR of 4.8% during (2019-2025). In 2018, North America registered a market share of around 25% in conformal coatings market worldwide in and is expected to grow at a growth rate of 5.26% CAGR throughout the forecast period. The rising demand for innovative electronics such as GPS systems and other products especially in the automotive sector would propel the demand further.

The Electronics market dominated the Global Conformal Coatings Market by Application in 2018, growing at a CAGR of 5.2 % during the forecast period. The Medical market is witnessing a growth rate of 5.9% during (2019-2025).

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The market research report has exhaustive quantitative insights providing a clear picture of the market potential in various segments across the globe with country wise analysis in each discussed region. The key impacting factors of the market have been discussed in the report with the elaborated company profiles of MG Chemicals Ltd., Europlasma NV, H.B. Fuller Company, Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd., Chase Corporation, Dymax Corporation, Kisco Conformal Coatings, LLC, The Dow Chemical Company (Dow Corning Ltd.), Henkel AG & Company, KGaA and Illinois Tool Works Inc.

Recent Strategies Deployed in Conformal Coatings Market

» Collaborations, Partnerships and Agreements:

Aug-2019: Dymax collaborated with Dorigo in which Dorigo will install Dymax UVCS 2.0 Conveyer in order to improve the conformal coating quality.

Nov-2018: Dymax announced its partnership with Biesterfeld for developing light-curing industrial adhesives and curing systems.

Oct-2018: Henkel came into partnership with Aculon in which Henkel can manufacture and market the NanoProof® series of waterproofing products of Aculon.

» Acquisition and Mergers:

Sep-2017: H.B. Fuller acquired Royal Adhesives & Sealants in order to expand its adhesives business.

Oct-2016: Chase announced the acquisition of Resin Design LLC in order to expand its business in advanced adhesives and sealants.

Jan-2016: Kisko took over Specialty Coating Systems, Inc. in order to deliver high quality parylene technologies and services.

» Product Launches and Product Expansions:

Sep-2019: Henkel has unveiled Hysol® PC62, a quick drying, and toluene-free conformal coating system in order to provide mechanical and environmental protection to PC boards.

Sep-2019: Dymax launched Multi-Cure® 9451, conformal coating A “True” Black Color in order to deliver enhanced protection for PCB performance.

Jun-2019: Henkel introduced Loctite Liofol LA 2798, adhesive solution for high-performance packaging applications.

Feb-2018: HumiSeal, a Chase company introduced adhesives and encapsulation solutions which comprises of epoxy, urethane, and acrylate which offers protection from chemical attack, mechanical stress, and moisture ingress.

» Expansions:

Mar-2019: H.B. Fuller expanded its global reach to Japan by opening a new subsidiary, H.B. Fuller Japan G.K. in order to enhance its adhesives business.

Sep-2018: Shin-Etsu expanded its business to Japan and internationally by making investments in its silicon business in which the company will focus on developing products ranging from silicon monomer to end-products.

Global Conformal Coatings Market Segmentation

By Application




Aerospace & Defense


By Product






By Geography

North America




Rest of North America








Rest of Europe

Asia Pacific




South Korea



Rest of Asia Pacific





Saudi Arabia

South Africa


Rest of LAMEA

Companies Profiled

MG Chemicals Ltd.

Europlasma NV

H.B. Fuller Company

Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

Chase Corporation

Dymax Corporation

Kisco Conformal Coatings, LLC

The Dow Chemical Company (Dow Corning Ltd.)

Henkel AG & Company, KGaA

Illinois Tool Works Inc.

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