Considerations And Maintenance Tips For RV Generators

Press release   •   Apr 05, 2013 10:36 IST

Maintenance of RV generator is one of the most important aspects to give it a long life. Cummins generators come under one of the premium quality generators. Generally problem arises when they are kept idle for a very long time. And the principal that works behind it is that the fuel breaks down and gets gummy which gives a hard start and surging sound to the generator. This problem can occur even if generator is kept dormant continuously for one month.

Idle stage of generator allows the moisture to build up and damage the generator. So, it is very essential for the heath of a generator to keep using it at regular intervals. You can also schedule the time when you will put the generator into use. You can run the generator once for two hours in three weeks or four weeks. Longer the time you will run the generator, better the results you will get. There should be a load of at least 50% on the generator as they are specifically designed to run with a load. For creating more loads you can turn on the AC if it is hot and electric heaters or blowers if it is cold. You can find the load produced by the electric equipment used at your home in the users guide manual and accordingly create the load on the generator.

When you are out for travel, you can run your generator which would in fact be more fuel efficient. You need to plug in the cord into the generator if it is attached to some other outlet because the generator will keep running without pug in also but there will be no electricity provided by it to your electrical equipment and therefore the generator will remain unloaded with power which might further cause damage to the generator. RV generator gets its fuel from RV equipments engine gas tank. So keep a check on the use of fuel as the generator will shut down if the gas tank falls short in supply.

Along with running at regular intervals, there are some more things to remember. RV generator consists of fuel filters and air filters which need to be changed after being used for a particular period of time. You can get the guidelines in the owner’s manual about maintenance intervals for getting it replaced on the basis of usage hours. It will run more efficiently with proper setting.

You have to be careful also while using generator as it exhales carbon monoxide. So, always make sure that exhaust system installed on the RV generator is not damaged and is working fine. Always keep the generator away from camping area in case you are using portable generator. Carbon monoxide detector should be in perfect working condition and before using it, make sure that no one is sleeping in the rip.

Always keep checking the inbuilt hour meter to monitor the usage time of your generator. Users manual will give you the maintenance intervals. So, little bit more exercise given to your generator and preventive maintenance will keep your generator in good working shape  for several years.

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