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Consumer Targeting in Alcoholic Drinks: Effective marketing and innovation strategies by gender, age, price and occasion

Press Release   •   Oct 12, 2010 16:36 IST

If the alcoholic drinks market had to be summarised with a single threat and a single opportunity it would arguably be these: declining consumption in developed markets; and increasing consumption among the expanding middle classes of emerging markets. Tackling both can be helped with smart consumer segmentations. Alcoholic drinks companies are using these to improve the targeting and take-up of their products, as well as to find the common ground between segments that permit the creation of truly mass global (or at least continental) markets.

In order to counter/benefit from these trends, marketers are appealing to ever more specific consumer segments, as well as boosting the value of sales through premiumization strategies. But in each segmentation covered by this report, there are trends towards homogeneity and trends towards specificity. For instance, to pursue: male and female products versus unisex marketing; youth and senior products versus ageless marketing; Hispanic marketing versus appealing to Mexican immigrants and Caribbean culture separately.

This report provides data on the percentage of consumption accounted for by different demographic groups (by gender, age and income band). It demonstrates how product development targeted towards these different groups is being pursued. And it draws out the key trends that are shaping the future of consumer segmentation in this market.

Key features of this report

• Breakdown of beer, wine and spirits consumption by the most important demographic and income groups.
• Analysis of almost 3,000 launches of targeted alcoholic drinks that took place globally between 2005 and the start of 2010.
• Chapter-by-chapter evaluation of alcoholic drinks launches targeted at different gender, age, ethnic and interest groups.
• Identification of trends in the economy, premium, super-premium, ultra-premium segments – in beer, wine and spirits and across both developed and emerging markets.
• Identification of the key recent trends shaping the market, as well as an evaluation of the next trends likely to become apparent over the coming five years.
• Descriptions and photos of the most noteworthy targeted alcoholic drinks launched over the last five years.

Key benefits from reading this report

• Understand how the myriad of products launched in this market fit together and relate to each other.
• Compare your portfolio and NPD pipeline against the healthier drinking benchmarks set out in the report.
• Prompt your marketing and NPD teams with product ideas from around the world.
• Set goals and objectives for your company’s new product development pipeline.
• Understand the absolute and relative size of each potential consumer segment.
• Prioritise the product and geographical markets best suited to your brand portfolio.

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