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Consumers and the Cloud: Quantifying and exploiting the consumer cloud market opportunity, 2010-2018

Press Release   •   Oct 10, 2010 11:50 IST

Consumer use of cloud technology is vast, and will drive overall cloud revenues from 2010-2015. This report seeks to scope, size and demystify the business opportunities presented by the consumer application of cloud computing technology. Specifically, the report aims to: Define what ‘cloud computing’ means in the consumer space; Translate and demystify the cryptic language typically used to describe the cloud into real-world, business and marketing language; Qualify and quantify commercial opportunities in consumer cloud applications over the immediate to mid-term; Clarify the current competitive positioning in the consumer cloud value chain; Evaluate business responses to these opportunities, and outline optimal business models for the near term and beyond.

The report offers quantification and forecasting of revenue opportunities for consumer usage of cloud technologies, for all major revenue categories, on a global basis including all regions and 20 leading national markets. It analyzes the impact of drivers and inhibitors to cloud technology uptake, and assesses competitive landscape development and commercial implications.

Key Features of this report

• Defines and demystifies the meaning of 'the consumer cloud'.
• Uniquely detailed and comprehensive revenue analysis of market conditions and future outlook
• Uniquely granular look at revenue opportunities globally, for six regions and 20 leading national markets
• Business implication analysis for all stakeholders as competitors
• Analysis of factors supporting and inhibiting the adoption of cloud enabled apps by consumers

Key Benefits of this report

• Access a uniquely comprehensive and detailed, but realistic and well sourced view of current and potential markets
• Gain a unique planning tool country by country, region by region
• Assess your business' position in the emerging new competitive landscape
• Understand the drivers and inhibitors that will impact your market
• Identify successful consumer cloud business strategies for the period 2010-2018

Highlights from this report

Consumer cloud revenues are predicted to grow at a CAGR of 24.5% between 2010 and 2018, reaching $71.4bn by the end of the forecast period.
By 2018, mobile applications will account for $32.5bn, or just under 46% of all consumer cloud services revenues (up from 31 % in 2010).
Companies such as Microsoft and Apple have a significant opportunity to transfer their desktop dominance to the cloud. Firms such as Google and Facebook cannot succeed independently and will need to adopt partner or merger strategies.

Key questions answered by this report

• What exactly is the consumer cloud? Is it simply a 'myth'?
• What is the revenue opportunity presented by consumer use of cloud technologies?
• What are the geographic splits involved?
• How will new supply chains develop as a result of the rise of cloud computing?
• How fast will adoption and revenue growth really be, given drivers and inhibitors?
• What are the market opportunities in consumer services such as email, storage, VoIP, mobile apps, social networking and gaming, and music?
• Which companies are dominating the consumer cloud space?
• Which consumer cloud business strategies will be successful in the period 2010-2018?

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