COP 15 - Open letter to Mr. Rasmussen and Mr. Reinfeldt

Press Release   •   Dec 08, 2009 10:02 IST

Press release

8 December 2009 - From: TilliT

COP 15 - Open letter to

Mr. Rasmussen and Mr. Reinfeldt

100 000 copies of an open letter to the Prime Ministers of Denmark and Sweden, Mr. Rasmussen and Mr. Reinfeldt, regarding the COP 15 is published by TilliT newspaper. The distribution of the newspaper will start in Scandinavia 10th of Dec in Copenhagen. This issue of TilliT is a special international edition and will be distributed in the United States, England, Germany, India and Brazil.

Open letter to the Prime ministers of Denmark and Sweden

Dear Mr. Rasmussen, chairman of COP15 and Mr. Reinfeldt, Prime Minister of Sweden during the Swedish Presidency of the European Union.

Until 31st of Dec 2009 you two have a unique possibility to step forward and do something no politicians have done in the last 50 years. That is to use ALL the POWERS you have to show the rest of the politicians at the COP15 meeting and in the world that you are representing the People, almost 15 million in Denmark and Sweden. Why not join forces with the other Scandinavian representatives from, Norway, Finland and Iceland.

Mr. Rasmussen and Mr. Reinfeldt, you have the chance to become two 007 - with a license to take care of the climate. All it takes is to be brave and say YES and DO IT. You have all the skills and resources to make a difference.

When you two do this together you BECOME Heroes. The voters, us, who believed in you, we will LOVE YOU for your civil courage and for being trustworthy pioneers.

Mr. Rasmussen and Mr. Reinfeldt, you have got this issue of TilliT in electronic form first of all. Thereby you are prepared for your mission to take your responsibility and to rely in your people. We are behind you and we have been talking to a lot of young people and even children. They have a common greeting for you through the newspaper TilliT.

“Dear Prime ministers of Sweden and Denmark. The mission to inspire the other political leaders at COP15 into making the right, brave decisions - We know you can pull it off! We trust our parents that they have voted for honest people. Don't disappoint us this time! Thank you” All the children of Sweden and Denmark

We believe in our children. Don’t let them down! If you do that Mr. Rasmussen and Mr. Reinfeldt, we kindly ask you to resign and give your space to people who are strong and brave enough to take the responsibility for the population of a Country.

We wish you good luck

Best Regards,

15 million Swedes and Danes, and probably at least 10-100 times more!

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