Corrugated Boxes Market in India

Press release   •   Apr 09, 2013 18:16 IST

The corrugated box industry is an inevitable part of manufacturing sectors which rely heavily on ample corrugated packaging for finished goods transportation and handling. Despite this importance, the Indian corrugated box industry has faced numerous challenges and hurdles in its growth pace due to the very nature of the industry comprising thousands of small players running manual/semi-automatic plants to cater to the needs of local nearby industries. However, the tide of liberalization and globalization has brought new ray of hope for Indian manufacturers who are now more willing to upgrade technology and turn into completely automatic lines capable of faster, quality driven and economical production.

The latest research by RNCOS titled, “Corrugated Boxes Market in India” unfolds the market dynamics of corrugated  box industry in India with major focus on the scenario of automatic corrugated boxes. The report describes in detail the market size of corrugated boxes, market segmentation by large-small players, organized-unorganized market and an estimated regional distribution of players. Vital insights of consumer industries as well as apex industry associations such as FCBN, SICBMA etc. have been obtained and considered while presenting the market dynamics.

Our industry analysts have studied all the facets of the Indian corrugated box industry to portray crystal clear picture of the current and expected future market outlook. Major drivers and trends have been identified that will act as catalyst to boost the industry growth besides underpinning restraints on the way of industry growth. It is an interesting fact to note that in the current phase of industry evolution from traditional to more efficient modern manufacturing, even the large corrugated box manufacturers have a mix of both semi-automatic and automatic plants which suggests that the industry transformation is in its nascent stage and will grow at momentously if supportive measures to bring down the cost of automation are undertaken by the Government and of course, machinery manufacturers. Analyzing all pros and cons and comprehensively describing each factor in our study, the report features valuable insights to build contemporary understanding of the industry and henceforth take strategic decisions to nurture business.

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