Cosmetic Surgery - Popular among Medical Tourists Visiting India

Press Release   •   Jul 09, 2013 12:48 IST

Cosmetic surgery is one of the most widely sought-after procedures among medical tourism procedures in India. Both males and females seek treatment within this category, which mainly comprises ear surgery, breast enlargement, facelifts and eyelid surgery, with the main objective of looking younger than their real age or becoming more attractive. Maximum of the demand emanates from the developed countries, such as the US, Canada, Europe and Japan. High prices of surgeries in these destinations are, however, forcing patients to look for alternative destinations.

A cost analysis of India and the US shows that, India enjoys a considerable price advantage in almost all cosmetic procedures. Further, with the recent development of the healthcare infrastructure, the nation has a vast pool of skilled doctors and nurses, along with the access to the most advanced and developed medical technology, best across the globe. Moreover, a high concentration of expatriate Indian medical staff working abroad, specifically in the US and the UK has increased patients' confidence and trust in healthcare services offered in India. This availability of skilled doctors along with the very low cost of the surgeries has enabled India to attain the acclamation for being the perfect destination for cosmetic surgery.

Besides cosmetic surgery, cardiac procedure, orthopedic procedure, dental treatment, neurological and spinal surgeries are among the most popular medical procedures in India, revealed “Booming Medical Tourism in India”, latest report by RNCOS. The report studied each market segment in detail, and included its cost-comparison with other countries. Moreover, the report presents future forecasts for the medical tourism market and medical tourist arrivals in the country till 2015. Alternative traditional medicine like ayurveda, pranic healing, aromatherapy, music therapy, meditation and yoga are also discussed in report. Thus in short, our report portrays the most impartial picture of the medical tourism industry that will certainly turn out to be decisive for the clients.

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