Dairy Sector Driving the Food Retail Sales in Vietnam

Press release   •   May 02, 2013 11:58 IST

Vietnam retail segment has witnessed significant developments by providing ample of opportunities for multinational retail players. Dairy segment is one of the fastest growing segments of Vietnam retail industry. As per the latest study by RNCOS, the dairy segment is highly dominated by imported products. There is a huge scope of growth in Vietnam dairy retail segment because of increasing disposable income of the population. Further, on back of such considerations the dairy sector is estimated to grow at a CAGR of approximately 22% during 2012-17.

While existing players are strengthening their position in this high potential retail market, a lot of dairy farms from foreign countries have also entered the retail market. Many modern farms have been built across the nation which would thereby meet the country’s dairy production. Besides, Ministry of Industry and Trade has set development plan till 2015 for dairy sector, with focus on reforming and innovating technology for quality improvement, product diversification, and carrying out in-depth studies to create new products of better quality. “Vietnam Retail Market Outlook 2017” says that country’s dairy production will be able to meet the 34% of domestic consumption in 2015 and 38% in 2020.

The report “Vietnam Retail Market Outlook 2017” is spread over 85 pages and provides in depth research and analysis of major developments in the retail industry of Vietnam. On account of our analysis, we have covered food and non food segments along with major sub segments for each category. RNCOS comprehensive research entitles major market trends, drivers, and challenges encompassing retail industry. Beside this, the retail market segmentation by provinces that includes Red River Delta, North central Coast has also been covered in this report. Vietnam Retail Market Forecast Report also anticipates trend in consumer behavior pattern. In order to provide practical market insights and strategic moves of major retail players in Vietnam, we have also captured the recent developments and expansion plans.

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