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Data Privacy and Security Gurus Partner with Black Dog Promotions to Launch Data Privacy Network

Press Release   •   Aug 17, 2013 19:34 IST

Tempe, AZ (USA), August 12, 2013 -- Black Dog Promotions, a digital marketing, public relations and business development agency announced it has partnered with leading data privacy and security experts to form Data Privacy Network (http://DataPrivacyNetwork.com) to take advantage of the rapidly growing market for data and online privacy and security.

Whether it's social media, cloud computing, the internet, or foreign hackers, the challenges to protect sensitive data are becoming more daunting by the day. With the average cost of a data breach estimated to be $500,000, companies need to be armed with the knowledge to secure their data in order to protect themselves. Data Privacy Network is on a mission to raise awareness of the risks that put our data privacy in peril. DPN can help companies better protect their sensitive data, which in turn protects their customers, and themselves from being the victim of a data breach.

The experts at Data Privacy Network note that, While no computer is completely 'hack-proof' and no one vendor solution is the holy grail of computer security, companies can take steps to better protect themselves. In fact, when done correctly, data security can be eloquent. Properly use the equipment you have, and maximize your data security ROI. I am thrilled to align ourselves with 'Best of Breed' consultants, products and services to provide the best solutions to individuals and businesses of all sizes”

Black Dog Promotions CEO Scott Kelly added, “Eight months ago we submitted an article on online security to the media and the response was overwhelming and we knew we were on to something. Since then we have assembled a team of highly qualified consultants and speakers along with outstanding products and services to help solve the data privacy and security issues that are talked about daily in the media. We look forward to becoming a leading resource for data privacy and security solutions.”

To learn more DPN's products and services, visit http://DataPrivacyNetwork.com Contact Scott Kelly to explore partnership opportunities at: scott@blackdogpromotions.com

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