Development and Market of Povidone in China

Press Release   •   Jan 21, 2017 14:47 IST

Market Reports on China presents the report, on “Development and Market of Povidone in China 2016-2021 Proposal”. This report provide readers with comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Chinese povidone industry participants.


There are more than a dozen PVP manufacturers in China, and the total production output is more than 290,000 tonnes; in 2015, the consumption volume was about 20,700 tonnes. It is can be seen from the statistics of production capacity and output that the actual PVP production capacity is already in the overcapacity state. At the same time, some China's products cannot reach the quality requirements of some industries, and nearly 20% of China\'s PVP consumption needs to be imported.

PVP has become one of the most important accessories for HIV medication manufacturing. In the future 3-6 years, the consumption of PVP will increase 500 tonnes 5,000 tonnes; the PVP is taking the place of formaldehyde in beer making process. estimates, the demand volume of PVP will increase about 2,000 tonnes in oil development field.

1)The Aim of Report

-To provide readers with comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Chinese povidone industry;

-To analyze the market import and export of povidone industry;

-To analyze the future trend of povidone industry;

-To analyze industrial size of the industry;

-To reveal opportunities for povidone industry in China.

2)Benefit from the Report

-Obtain latest info of povidone industry, such as market size, price, key players, etc.;

-Find out how Chinese povidone market will change and how your business can be involved in;

-Keep informed of your competitors/their activities in China;

-Learn about key market drivers, investment opportunity ;


The report will investigate Chinese povidone industry from the following aspects:

-Demand and supply

-Import and export


-Bellwether company



1-2 work weeks needed.

Table of Contents

1 Povidone Demand and Supply

1.1 Supply

1.2 Demand

1.3 Price

2 Global Povidone Industrial Chain

2.1 Overview

2.2 Upstream

2.3 Downstream

3 Import and Export

3.1 Import

3.2 Export

4 Chinese Bellwether Company

4.1 Boai NKY Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd

4.1.1 Introduction

4.1.2 Product

4.1.3 Performance

4.2 Company B

4.3 Company C

4.4 Company D

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