Dewalt Circular Saw And Safety Tips

Press Release   •   Aug 23, 2013 11:28 IST

A circular saw is one of the most useful and portable tool that can be used to cut through different thicknesses of wood in a precise manner. These tools make clean and accurate cut in straight lines in various types of wood. Most of these saws are often placed on tables which are specifically designed for cutting wood.

There are handheld portable saws and table saws which can be bought according to specific requirements. The Dewalt circular saw is one of the most popular models of saws which are used largely. This brand includes various models which can be bought through online stores at affordable price rates.

Powerful And Light Weight:

The Dewalt saws are light- in- weight and powerful which increases its performance and utility. As there are various models of saws of the same brand, it is important to choose models according to its weight. Light weight tools are easy to use as it reduces fatigue and improves performance to a great extent. The motor power of the tool should also be considered while choosing a particular model.

It is also important to choose saws according to the cutting requirements. There are models with lower guard designs which help to improve performance to a great extend.

Today there are many new and innovative models of Dewalt saws which are made available even through online stores. These models are known for its heavy duty performance and utility. While choosing among these models, it is essential to buy aluminum alloy based saws as it is durable, tensile and efficient.

There are many models with electrical brakes which ensure that the blades halt immediately after usage. There should be considerable depth in the rear pivot area so that it is easy to hold the equipment while using it.

Safety Tips:

While using any type of circular saw, it is quite important to use it safely. Wear protective gears and gloves before operating these machines to avoid accidents and injuries. Earplugs can also be used if the equipment emits a large sound. Ensure that clothing and power cords are away from the blades. Check the saws to ensure that the blades are functioning well enough.

It is also important to clean the blade and the blade guard area so that the equipment functions efficiently. The vents and motors should also be free from debris and saw dust. As majority of these equipments are designed for right-hand users, left-hand users may find it a bit difficult to use these tools. However with a little patience and practice, it is possible to work easily with these machines.

Use two hands while operating this machine with one hand on the trigger and the other hand on the front knob handle. Before sawing wood, it is important to wait till the machine has reached full power. It is also important to disconnect the saw from the power supply if there are any changes to be made in the position of the saw or the wood. Unplug the machine when it is not in use to prevent accidents.

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