Diamond Solitaires in Delhi - 100% Pure & Certified Rings

Press release   •   Jan 29, 2014 11:43 IST

Solitaire diamond ring is a ring that has a single large diamond. These types of rings are very popular as an engagement ring in India because they offer both style as well as charm.

Making the right selection of this ring is a very significant decision for couples and can also be a difficult task. This is because today there are so many duplicate ornaments available in the marketplace that look similar. But they do not have any attribute like real diamond. They are good only for temporary purposes. That’s way you need to be very careful while purchasing solitaire. When you buy solitaire diamond rings from Delhi, always choose a well-known jeweller who has good reputation in the market. Moreover, always focus on four aspects and they are Cut, Colour, Carat and Clarity.

These are very significant points that have to focus on when buying a diamond ring. These aspects are not only essential for beautiful ring, but these aspects also have a considerable impact on the price of diamond jewelleries.

One of the other very significant factor on which you have to ponder on is the metal used with your diamond ring. Platinum is one of the most popular metal amongst couples today but it is very expensive and thus push up the price of the ring. You can also use gold in your solitaire rings.