Different Things Related to Purchase of Watt Meter

Press Release   •   Feb 15, 2011 12:48 IST

Watt meter is a useful device which is installed to measure the electric power in a circuit. As power is measured in watts, this is the reason for the name of this device. The very first device used for measuring electrical power was introduced in the year 1889. The device became popular for its capability to measure power for AC as well as DC circuits.  

A number of advancements have been brought in the design and functionality of watt meter over so many years. Today, they are in demand for their utilization in all small and big circuitries to measure power consumption. Here are some aspects that people wish to know about these devices while making a purchase.

Application of Wattmeter

Those who purchase these power measurement devices consider the type of application for which they require them. The design and capabilities of these devices differ on the basis of application they are used for. For instance, a watt meter used for measuring power consumption in a home or small office is different from that used in large offices. The owners of large IT offices will obviously require a device to monitor huge power load consumed.

Analog vs. Digital Wattmeter

Basically, there are two types of watt meters – analog and digital. While analog watt meter monitor power consumption with the help of a needle indicator, the digital devices display the power consumption reading using LCD. Digital devices are more popular as they are expected to display more accurate readings.

Portable Watt Meters

Another useful variety of watt meters consists of portable devices that are of professional grade and are used by electrical repair specialists. These devices are used by electricians to monitor the causes of any fault in the circuit to which power is supplied. Due to their portable nature, these devices are of great use for on-site optimization purposes.

Plug-in Wattmeters

Some people also prefer to purchase plug-in watt meters which help in measuring the power consumption of single appliance. These devices can also be used for measuring power supply to a specific electrical outlet. The advantage of such a watt meter is that it helps in detecting faulty appliances by indicating abnormal power consumption rate. Besides, any problem in electrical wires of the circuit can also be diagnosed with the help of these watt meters.

Evaluation of Power Consumption

People also consider buying watt meters which help in evaluating overall power consumption. Such devices indicate the amount of power consumed at each and every electrical output. There are devices which allow the operator to render changes in the flow of electrical energy in the circuit. This allows efficient utilization of power throughout the circuit.

While purchasing any of these types, buyers usually consider the name of the watt meter manufacturer and various features included in the design. Another important factor is the load capacity which needs to be measured on the basis of size of the building and number of appliances used. Purchasing a watt meter is one significant step towards efficient monitoring of power consumption. It is therefore mandatory to consider various factor mentioned above.

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