Different Types of Auto Gauges and Their Uses

Press Release   •   Nov 18, 2010 15:59 IST

The device or instrument that is used to measure the speed, pressure, fuel, air, dimensions, distance, temperature and pressure of the automobile is known as auto gauge. These instruments have an indicator or a needle to show the measurements.

Auto gauge is available in different varieties including various shapes, colors, designs and so forth. These measuring devices are essential for proper functioning of automobiles.

Understanding the Different Types of Gauges

There are mainly four types of gauges namely the fuel gauge, speedometer, temperature gauge and the tachometer. Today these measuring devices are manufactured with latest technological features to enable better and precise measurements.

Based on manufacturing technologies, there are two types of gauges mainly- the digital gauge and the analog gauge.

Fuel Gauge: this auto gauge is mainly used to measure the level of fuel in the tank of the automobile. Found on every automobile dashboard, this gauge has two parts namely the indicator and the sender unit. When the fuel tank is full, the indicator shows “F” whereas when the fuel tank is empty it shows “E”. The oil pressure gauge, the fuel pressure gauge and the level oil gauge are the three different types of fuel gauges.

Speedometer: one of the most important instruments which are used to measure the speed of the automobile is known as the speedometer. Today there are varieties of speedometers available in the market.

Temperature gauge: used to measure the temperature of the engine, this auto gauge enables the proper functioning of the engine. It prevents overheating of the car by monitoring the temperature. It is quite essential to have a temperature gauge as it shows the precise temperature of the automobile.

Tachometer: the RPM (revolution per minute) of the car is monitored with the help of tachometer. It is an important auto gauge that ensures better functioning of the engine and therefore the automobile.

Every single measuring device that is installed in the dashboard of the car has its own importance and use.

Other Important Auto Gauge Meters

Apart from the above, there are other important measurement devices like Voltmeter, Speedometers, Dynamometer, Water temperature meter, Hydrometer, Ammeter and so forth.

In addition to auto gauge, certain accessories are also required to protect, install and mount these gauges like magnetic sensor, boost tubing, light kit, pressure sender, lead wire, probe, fuel level sender, digital scales, AN to pipe thread fittings and dial bore gauges.

There are many advantages of installing car gauges in vehicles. With different gauges in your dashboard, you can know the precise problem with your vehicle. Each indicator will display the exact measurement which will help in the diagnosis of problems. Another advantage is that using these gauges, you keep a check on the temperature, speed and fuel of the automobile which in turn ensure better functioning and long life of your vehicle.

There is an increase in the auto gauge buyers due to the multiple uses of these instruments. It is important to choose branded products which help you to read the measurements easily.

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