Different Types of Cake Utensils

Press Release   •   Nov 28, 2011 12:13 IST

Baking is definitely one of the best ways to explore your culinary skills and cook delicious cakes in different flavors and shapes. Cake utensils are considered to be one of the most important and essential cookware in your arsenal of cookware. These utensils are also known as pans or tins. There are different kinds of utensils which are used to bake cakes. The right types of baking equipments are necessary to bake delicious recipes.

Baking Utensils - Different Materials

Cake utensils or baking utensils are made of different materials including aluminum, silicon and stainless steel. Most of these pans or utensils are mainly used to obtain the desired shapes for cakes. Apart from ordinary baking utensils, there are disposable tins which are used for baking.

Baking utensils can also be categorized according to the shapes of tins or pans. Most of these utensils can be bought from online stores listed in many of the business portals. Today there are hundreds of dealers and suppliers who supply a variety of baking utensils of different shapes, sizes and prices.

Common Varieties of Baking Utensils

Some of the most important varieties of cake utensils are described in the following sections of this article.

Sandwich Tins: One of the most commonly used baking utensils includes the sandwich tins or pans which are used to bake layered cakes. Unlike the other tins and pans, these baking utensils are shallow in shape.

Deep Trays or Tins: The deep trays are quite useful in baking thick and tall wedding and anniversary cakes. There are many varieties of deep trays and tins which include tins with loose bottoms. Trays with loose bottoms can be used to bake huge cakes which can be easily removed from the bottom of the tray.

Loaf shaped tins: These unique varieties of trays are used to bake cakes which are loaf shaped including chocolate, banana and fruit cakes.

Spring form tins: These cake utensils are among the most popular varieties of utensils used for baking. Most of the chefs prefer to use this baking utensil as the walls of the tin can be expanded and contracted making it easy to remove the contents from the tins or trays.

The stainless steel baking utensils are quite inexpensive and very durable. But most of the stainless steel utensils seldom possess non-stick bottoms which make it difficult to extract the contents from the trays. Non stick baking utensils will help to solve this specific problem.

There are theme based baking utensils with a wide variety of shapes and sizes. No longer are baking tins confined to the same type of shapes such as round, square and rectangle. There are heart shaped trays which are used to bake delicious cakes. The number shaped trays are yet another popular variety of baking utensil. Apart from these shapes, there are many other varieties of shapes which include shapes of musical instruments, cartoon characters, houses, cars, dolls and many more. Most of these baking utensils can be bought from online stores at affordable prices today.

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