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Different Types of Water Flow Meters and Their Suppliers

Press Release   •   Sep 06, 2010 16:09 IST

A water flow meter is designed to measure the amount of water used by consumers both for domestic and industrial purposes. This meter serves as an essential tool in measuring the amount of water used for agricultural purposes too. There are different types of meters to detect the exact flow of water.

Purpose of Water Flow Meter

The water flow meter serves many purposes. It is used in the agricultural sector to accurately measure the flow of water which helps to decide the exact amount required and how much is used. It is also used by water authorities to check the amount of water used in industries and other commercial areas.

These meters are installed at homes by the authorities to measure the volume of water used. It also helps to indicate any kind of leakages in water pipes. The online business to business directories have a number of water flow meter manufacturers listed in their catalogs. You will find different varieties of meters to detect the flow of water according to your requirements.

Different Types of Water Flow Meter

The water flow meter is available in different varieties. There are flow meters used mainly for hot water which can be further categorized into Turbine Hot Water Meter and Multi Jet Hot Water Meter.  

The multi jet hot water meter is used for domestic and commercial purposes where as the turbine hot water meter is used mainly for commercial purposes. It is however quite important to conduct a thorough research on the products available before purchasing them by keeping an eye for price, specification and standard.

The multi jet meters are used for domestic purposes and it is known for its precise measurements. It is also used in smaller commercial areas. It cannot be used in areas where high flow of water is necessary.
The compound meters are another type of meter that helps to measure high flow rates. It is also used to measure lower flow rates of water. The electromagnetic meters use electromagnetic properties to measure the velocity of water flow.

The different water flow meter suppliers include Creative Engineers, which manufacture domestic meters, digital meters, hermetically sealed meters to measure the flow of water. Base Electronics and Systems, Chennai, is another company that manufactures and supplies a varied range of meters for measuring the flow of water. It supplies industrial electromagnetic, electromagnetic and economical digital water flow meter.

Another trusted supplier of the flow meter is Manas Microsystems Private limited which offers magnetic flow meters, digital, compact, process and electronic flow meters. The Ajinkya Electronic Systems is also a reliable supplier of flow meters, rate meters, liquid meters and gas flow meters. The Multimedia Enterprises are well known for their products of flow meters which includes electromagnetic flow meters and pipe flow meters. It also supplies high power flow meters.

The water flow meter is used in homes and industries and it is extremely useful to measure the exact consumption of water. With multiple products available in the online markets to measure the consumption of water, it becomes easier to purchase a flow meter of your requirement.

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