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Digital World – An Enigma To Be Solved For Blue Collar Jobs

Press Release   •   Oct 31, 2016 15:27 IST

Digitalization has improved the experience of job seekers and employers alike. You sign up with a leading job search portal, favorite some of the job titles, choose to get notifications, and within a few days, or at most a few weeks, you land into a job that suits you perfectly well.

Having convenient job search experience at your disposal is one of the many benefits that educated, experienced, and formal job seekers have. Unfortunately, this is not the case with blue collar sector employees. A majority of informal sector workers face challenges in filling application forms. They are hardly aware of the magic power that a mobile phone can hold. If in the age of mobile technology, people are spending time on going door to door for job applications and recommendations, then there is a huge digital gap between the two sections of the society (formal and informal job-seekers).

The problem is that often we lack understanding of their requirements. Most employment seekers contact the nearby agencies or request their friends and families for references. With digitalization, a lot of fraudulent practices and chances of exploitation abuse and deceitful exercises will reduce, which are predominant in the low-paid occupation marketplace. Absence of training, lack of information and language obstruction make it harder to locate a great job in this sloppy market.

All things considered, there is an increasing demand of digitalized platforms where such people can confidently find a regular source of income.

Looking at the modern trends and an increasing need of digitalization in some sects of India, online job portals like Just Jobs have come up with services focused on entry level workers. Households and small-to-medium sized businesses can now fulfill their vacancies with the help of an emerging blue collar jobs marketplace, Just Jobs.

And to make it easy for job applicants, Just Jobs works on ‘One Time Password’ policy which means you are not expected to be digitally proactive with jobs searching at all!

For employers, the job search portal is an interesting platform where entry level workers like accountants, electricians, delivery personnel, cook, carpentry, etc. are gathered to search and apply for jobs based on location, job title, and qualifications.

With a range of jobs added daily and about hundreds of free job postings available at any given time, Just Jobs is becoming a leading informal job sector platform for part-time/full-time employment. Apart from its premium services, Just Jobs has a lot more to offer to employers and potential employees. Here is a rundown of facilities offered at www.just.jobs:


  • Quick and easy way to post a job
  • Find suitable candidates in your area and let them know you are interested, immediately
  • Manage your notifications and alerts in simpler manner
  • Better your next hiring experience with confidence

Job Seekers:

  • View available vacancies in selected area on top priority
  • Connect with leading employers with only One-Click Apply
  • Out stand other seekers with quickly and confidently.

With the introduction of cheap yet technologically equipped cell phones and simple access to web, the young courier personnel, cleaning specialists, ayahs, drivers, tele marketers, craftsmen and bricklayers have additionally taken advantage of digital platforms to connect with employers. Where are you?

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