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Press Release   •   Aug 04, 2012 16:49 IST

IGSSS is a non government organization and strives to work for the communities through its development advocacy and the promotion of appropriate technologies. We have spent decades of time to change village society and develop them according to the world. Igsss be ahead in all aspects of community to recover from every disaster.

We have spent decades of years in working to change life style of poors and villagers. Our key areas of engagement include advocacy for good governance, sustainable development, appropriate technology and disaster relief and rehabilitation. IGSSS assist everyone to donate in its NGO for the human development. So come with us and make a good donation for the poor and get all benefits.

We have conducted a study that revealed the extent of poverty, social exclusion and discrimination being faced by the city makers of the capital. We also work for the resettlement of poor and provide them home and resettle them. Our relief fund provides all basic needs including food, clothes, medical facilities, education and other all facilities.

IGSSS manages a shelter exclusively for women and children during Disaster Risk Reduction in all aspects. A livelihood training program was organized in November 2010 to aware about the basic problems of villagers. These shelters are proposed to be converted to a model shelter with all essential facilities, children's education and recreation livelihood trainings and cooperatives and a focus on individual development.

IGSSS strives to work as a best NGO for indian communities through its pro-development program and appropriate technologies. IGSSS is working as india's no.1 Disaster Relief Organizations expertise to inspire and mobilize thousands of volunteers in areas of crisis around the world. Our key areas of engagement include advocacy for good governance, sustainable developments, appropriate technology for disaster relief and rehabilitation.

IGSSS is the best Disaster Risk Reduction organization in Delhi focused on human rights and help them in disaster. We have aims to provide primary aid and assistance for immediate disaster relief and also assist in long-term support through relief trips and the construction of housing and community centers all rural areas in the India. We assist every people to donate in IGSSS to recover from any disaster. For more query please visit:- or call us at 011-45705000 or mail us at

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