Easy Steps to Install Curtain Rods

Press release   •   Mar 23, 2012 14:34 IST

Curtains are essential in completing the decor of a room. Window drapes are stylish and elegant with the ability to transform the appearance of your entire home. In the earlier days, curtain rods were mainly used to hang curtains but today it has evolved into stylish and sophisticated accessories that enhance the overall appearance of window drapes.

Today these rods are no longer simple metal or wooden pieces of window accessories, every single rod is the product of immaculate skill and talent. There are different types of beautiful rods available in the online markets today.

Nowadays, curtain rods are developed with exquisite designs and patterns to compliment various types of window drapes. The beauty of plain window drapes can be enhanced with the help of exquisite rods. Some of the rods can be exclusively decorative or completely concealed by the window drapes.

The Process of Mounting Curtain Rods

Mounting or installing the curtain rods can be quite tricky but there are some simple steps which can be followed to ensure a smooth and easy installation.

Measurements: Before installing the rods for window drapes, it is necessary to measure the exact width of the windows. Measuring the width of the windows is essential to ensure that the size of the drapes and the rods are accurate.

Make a mark: After measuring the size of the windows, make a light mark on the sides of the windows so that the rods can be fixed in the marked position. Usually the rods are fixed two inches above the windows. It is important to check the marks twice so that the rods can be installed correctly.

Drill a hole: Begin by drilling a small hole on each side of the windows. The screws can be installed into these holes quite easily. Fix the brackets on either side of the windows. The curtain rods can be affixed into the brackets quite easily. The window drapes can be then hung on the rods.

Exquisite Varieties of Curtain Rods

Rods are made of different materials including wood, solid brass, chromed brass, graphite with brass and so forth. Some of the most exquisite varieties of wooden rods can be bought from online stores at attractive price rates. Sculpted wooden rods are also available these days.

Different types of beautiful metal rods are also available these days. Brass rods, chromed brass rods are some of the most popular varieties of metal rods used to embellish window drapes.

Rods differ in designs, structures, sizes and shapes. So it is easy to obtain rods for different window sizes. Therefore it is necessary to measure the sizes of the windows before buying rods. The rods should be longer than the windows. It should be five inches longer than the windows. Strong rods are essential if the drapes are long and heavy. Metals rods such as solid brass and graphite rods are essential to hang heavy drapes. There are a number of online dealers that sell a variety of drape rods and bathroom fittings at reasonable prices.

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