Effective Lexapro 20mg Online for Seasonal Depression Disorder

Press release   •   Dec 11, 2012 18:13 IST

Complete Online-Pharmacy offers you top quality and safe medications at lowest price. Now it’s That Time of The Year Again, in which seasonal affective depression disorder are on the swing. Mental Health Associations estimates that about millions of people suffer from seasonal affective disorder during the winter but not during summer and spring.

Read here What is seasonal affective disorder and its best treatments medicines. This mood disorder is supposed to related to depression and seasonal variations of light. Certain groups suffer from seasonal affective disorder at a greater risk. This group includes women and other individuals between the age of 18- 30 years.

Symptoms of Seasonal Depression Disorder:-

  1. Lethargy: Loss of energy and experiencing a ‘leaden’ feeling in arms, legs.

  2. Depression: It is feeling sadness or experiencing feelings of hopelessness, loss of self-esteem and guilt.

  3. Sleep Issues: Less sleep,oversleeping and feeling drowsy in daytime.

  4. Anxiety attacks: It is count as inability to handle tensions and stress.

  5. Mood Changes: sometime or every time experience as extreme mood swings, difficult to concentrate.

  6. Social Withdrawal Issues: Like as feeling irritable at the prospect of social contact & desire to avoid social events.

  7. Overeating Issues:Extra weight gain due to frequent craving of high carbohydrates foods.

  8. Sexual Problems: low rate or decreased interest in physical contact and loss of libido.

Treatment:- Seasonal Depression Disorder:

There are several options for the control of depression among all age, like as effective medications, meditation, changing life style. But the most and effective treatments options are discussed below:-

  1. Advise with your doctor and spend more time outdoors in the sunlight. Also try to get an hour’s worth of winter sunlight exposure.

  2. Phototherapy( Light Therapy) is another commonly used treatment and results better. According to experts, this bright light restricts the brain’s production of melatonin. This therapy has been shown to be successful in 85% of depression disorder.

  3. Your health practitioner may consider prescribing Lexapro 20mg Onlinean anti-depressant drug to treat your symptoms.

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