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Press Release   •   Dec 10, 2015 11:07 IST

ERP scenario is making rapid changes in India. It was one of the sectors in the software industry that was dominated by the major vendors for a quite a long time. Their dominance coupled with huge monetary investment isolated the small and medium scale industries from enjoying the benefit of an Enterprises Resource Planning system. But with the advent of web-based systems such as eresource ERP, it has become altogether a different story now.

For the mid-sized companies, they have number of options to choose from eresource. What is required at the moment is executives from these mid-sized companies need guidance to help them choose the right option. Companies CEOs and financial managers can be guided thoroughly with comprehensive video demonstrations. eresource sales executives will be available any time for consultation and demonstration to help midsize businesses make wise choices when buying and implementing the ERP system. Earlier, midsize companies used to buy ERP in two ways directly, from a software vendor or indirectly through a value-added reseller (VAR). It is time to get away with the second choice. The companies can contact eresource directly after the presentation of live demo of eresource ERP functional modules. For details: