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ERP Software for Project Estimation

Press Release   •   Feb 02, 2016 10:31 IST

Estimation of a project cost begins with this page. This is where material items that are required for a project has been entered. While entering the material item, the estimated price of the item will be reflected in the column alongside as per the last purchased rate, which will be fetched from the item master page. Item-line wise cost of each materials will be displayed that can be added up to get the total cost of material required for the project. The man power expenses or labour charge for the project that being carried out can be estimated using this page. Tool rate that are required to carry out the labour work along with the labour charge can be summed up and the total labour charge can be calculated using this page.

It is a common practice for project-based companies go for hiring services as all the services may not be functioning under their wing. Or sometime they are forced to hire equipments that are also considered services. Any hiring services that are hired by the company can be estimated and managed through this page, which will be ultimately reflected in the final estimate. Often work in a project-based company will be subcontracted as there are firms that are specialized in carrying out specific work. When a company subcontract a specific work that can be managed through this page. Service name that has been subcontracted can be selected from the menu for which the rate will be automatically fetched and displayed. This will also reflected in the final estimate that makes work easy for the estimation.For details: