Essential Elements To Consider Before Buying Solar Inverters

Press Release   •   Nov 11, 2013 15:50 IST

Even when solar panels and tubes are considered to be among the most crucial part of a solar power energy system, the solar inverters are often overlooked. This inverter is basically a small box which converts Direct Current (DC) into Alternating Current (AC) from the panel output. Majority of the home appliances require alternating current for the functioning of electrical appliances.

This inverter box is one of the most crucial parts of the solar power system that guarantees reliability, safety, usability and efficiency of the photovoltaic systems. These inverters can sustain varying levels of voltage, dust and extreme vagaries of nature quite easily. Solar inverters vary in quality and exude different levels of performance. Poor quality inverters affect the entire performance of the panels and power systems. It may also cause electrical shocks and fail to perform accurately.

Elements to Verify Before Installing Inverters:

Highest Efficiency: All inverters exhibit different efficiency levels. It is important to consider the level of efficiency before buying these devices. Today there are advanced inverters with a higher level of efficiency rating. The 4th generation inverters are among the latest devices which are powerful, efficient and durable. It is also easy to use these devices. It is even known to be tougher than the previous models of inverter devices.

Input Rate of Current: Before buying these devices, it is important to check the maximum power produced by the solar arrays. The input current of these inverters depend largely on the total processing capacity of these machines. There is an ample loss of energy if the solar panels produce more energy than which can be converted by these inverters.

Initiating Voltage: Another important aspect to consider is the initiating voltage of these devices. This important information denotes the minimum voltage required to start a solar power system so that it functions appropriately.

Maximum Current Output: It is also pertinent to consider the maximum amount of power output before buying this piece of equipment.

High Quality: Another essential factor to consider is the quality of this equipment before buying it. Poor quality inverters often feature bad circuitry, poor quality seals and so forth. It may also heat up more compared to the high quality products. Different brands of products exhibit different temperature levels.

It is pertinent to consider various factors before buying these solar products. The total amount of energy required in homes or other spaces should be considered during installation. There are low powered devices for small homes which are equally efficient and easy to install and use. However, high powered devices include huge energy storage capacity which supplies power even when there is no sunlight.

As most of the online stores showcase a huge variety of products with different features and prices, it is easy to choose affordable products according to individual requirements. Most of the latest devices are technologically manufactured to meet the growing demands of the consumers. It also includes various attractive features such as reliability, efficiency and ease of use.

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