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EVLeonard Brings An Updated Collection Of Forklift Attachments

Press release   •   Mar 27, 2012 10:28 IST

Forklift trucks are in demand, more than ever because of their enhanced utility. With the forklift truck attachments potentially improving the functionality of such vehicles, people are seeking befitting fitments that will make their vehicles optimally useful. Thus, EVLeonard store, a famous forklift parts selling company has included a number of advanced and updated fixtures in its collection. Since, diversity in demand has risen over the past few years, the company has brought in regular and rare forklift fitments so that a motley body of clients can be surfeited by the offerings.

Working for more than 40 years, the company has been enjoying a cool repute since its inception. With a credibility of maintaining 14000 regular and new customer count, the company is chiefly noted for its rich stock and quality of goods. The company entrepreneur believes in maintaining an updated collection of forklift accessories, thus bringing in every new attachment that gets unleashed in the market.  

Mr. E. V. Leonard established the firm in 1970, when forklift truck attachments first came into being in the market. The company has, since then, maintained a high reputation in the market by the dint of its quality products. With an approach to improve the handling capabilities of the instruments, EVLeonard provides fitments that are essentially utilitarian and versatile in their own ways. To name some of the offerings stacked in the extensive inventory of the company, jibs, tines, drop bottom bins, scoops, brooms, drum handlers, man basket, poles, etc. deserve special mention.

The company has been able to curve a niche in the market by the dependability and practicality of the units sold. The company equipments are ergonomically designed to serve the intended purpose optimally. Besides, they last for a very long time because of their tough and top-quality building material. The units come with an average warranty of about two years. The attachments are welded doubly so as to ensure enhanced longevity.

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For over 40 years, more than 14,000 customers have enjoyed and experienced the benefits of using LEONARD Forklift Truck Attachments and Accessories .