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Evolution of Thin-Film and Printable Battery Technology

Press Release   •   Oct 15, 2010 12:21 IST

Thin-Film and Printable Battery Markets: 2010

This new report examines the business opportunities for thin-film and printable batteries across a broad range of applications for which they are claimed to be suited. For each of these applications, we examine the requirements for power sources and compare current and future performance of TF/printable batteries with the other power sources that may be used for each applications. ( )

The report also makes a critical examination of the business case "stories" being told by the leading manufacturers of TF/printable batteries to ascertain the degree to which they jibe with market realities. We analyzed the likely evolution of materials and battery chemistries used in the novel batteries discussed in this report which covers both the electrodes and electrolyte. We have also reviewed the progress being made with manufacturing processes.

This report brings together deep experience in the thin-film, organic and printable electronics sector with its analysis of the latest developments in the battery field including new products, technology breakthroughs, new licensing, financial and marketing arrangements and recent M&A activity. And while the main objective of this report is to focus on the evolving opportunities in TF/printable batteries, it will also seek to explain where there have been apparent failures and analyze why these have occurred.

Key Chapters :

Executive Summary
Chapter One: Introduction
Chapter Two: Evolution of Thin-Film and Printable Battery Technology
Chapter Three: Applications and Forecasts for Thin-Film and Printable Batteries
Chapter Four: Profiles of Leading Thin Battery Firms
Acronyms and Abbreviations Used in this Report
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