Features and Applications Of Plaster of Paris

Press release   •   Jan 07, 2014 15:30 IST

Plaster of Paris is a specific type of plaster which is made of calcining gypsum. It is used widely in fire proofing, architecture, medical applications and art. There are different types of products which include cement and lime plaster which are used for different purposes. It is quite easy to make this product at home as it dries quickly. Even though this product is strong and light, it is quite soft and therefore it can be carved easily.

It can be made at home with flour, white glue and warm water. Combine two cups of flour and glue with one cup of warm water without any lumps. This product can be used for different purposes.

However, the original plaster is manufactured by exposing the gypsum to very high temperature. This process creates calcium sulfate which can be ground into fine white powder. The powder can be made into slurry by mixing it with water. This mixture can be molded into different shapes according to specific requirements.

Plaster of Paris was invented by the early Egyptians. It was used on most of the Egyptian tombs as a piece of decoration. Later on, it was used by the Greeks in homes, temples and other places However, later due to the large deposit of Gypsum in Paris, the product came to be known by the name of Paris. It was widely used in homes as it is an excellent fire proofing material.

It is widely used as a building material due to its ingrained features. It tends to increase the fire resistance of a structure. It releases water vapor when the plaster burns and thereby controls the spread of fire. This product is even coated on various construction materials such as wood and metal.

It is used in the field of art to manufacture metal castings and sculptures. It is also used to make molds which are highly durable as it has the ability to withstand high temperature.

It is also used in majority of the architectural frames as it adds to the beauty of the structures. It is used to create false ceilings in buildings. Window frames and doorways can be molded easily with the use of these products.

It is extensively used in the field of medicine to create hard casts for broken limbs. It is also used to make different types of objects by pouring the plaster into any plastic mold.

It is broadly used in various fields of art. Plaster is used to create replicas as it seldom shrinks when it dries. A huge variety of popular and renowned paintings are made in fresco which is a thin layer of plaster. This product can be easily modified even when it is dried. Different types of tools such as sand paper and carving tools can be used to modify this building material.

Plaster of Paris can be bought in powdered forms from many of the reputed online stores at affordable price rates. There are many online dealers which offer this product at wholesale and retail prices.

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