Features And Benefits of An Ultrasonic Cleaner

Press Release   •   Oct 26, 2012 10:56 IST

Age-old and conventional methods of cleaning have given way to ultrasonic cleaning machines due to the latter's technological advancement, briskness, cost effectiveness, and efficiency. An ultrasonic cleaner is mostly used in factories, industries, offices, and laboratories. These cleaning machines use high frequency sound waves that generate bubbles in the cleaning solution inside the tank of the cleaner. These bubbles pop-up and subside rapidly so that it creates an action similar to scrubbing. When an article is lowered in this tank, then this scrubbing action helps to get rid of the dirt that clings to articles to be cleaned.

An ultrasonic cleaner is mostly electricity operated. The unique technology helps to clean articles with crevices and curves. Most other cleaners are unable to perform this fine a task. Other than its primary feature of cleaning, an ultrasonic cleaner can also be used to get rid of grease. They are employed to sterilize equipment to be used for activities requiring high level of sanitation. Most of these machines come with the feature that allows full control on temperature and time. They are equipped with thermostat that is controlled through a micro-processor, and also have digital unit that keeps a tab on the time period and temperature regulation. As the technological level increases, the machines come heat timers, digital timers, and temperature timers, making their operation smooth and hassle free.

Using cleaners that are loaded with all these features lead to more than one benefits. Due to the ultra sound waves in use, the cleaning process is thorough. The vibrations give rise to tiny bubbles that reach the deepest places in the articles to be cleaned. The dirt, grease, oil, and impurities are washed away leaving the surfaces clean and bright.

An ultrasonic cleaner is the best choice when cleaning surgical equipment, and laboratory tools. Since they are delicate, manual scrubbing can deform or break them. But the technology explained above helps to clean these tools without running into the risk of damaging them. The friction that these equipments encounter at the time of cleaning is minimum, and hence the instruments’ life in increased. This method of cleaning is quick and efficient.

When it comes to cleaning machinery parts, or medical equipment, the entire task can turn into a nightmare if one has to do it manually. Not to forget the time and energy that would be required to complete the task completely making an ultrasonic cleaner the best alternative for dealing with such tasks. The method is sound, the technology is advanced, the amount of human effort required is zero, and it is also time effective. The amount of cleaning solution used for every tank of articles is also minimal. The cleaning solution being water based does not pose a threat on the environment making then entire arrangement a green process to cleanliness.

To sum it up, an ultrasonic cleaner is somewhat like an ideal machine. It is green, cost effective, time saving, economic, and efficient. They are the best option when it comes to large scale cleaning.

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