Features and Importance of Clamp Meters

Press Release   •   Jun 18, 2013 16:04 IST

Electricity has become a vital part of our every day lives with most of the equipments that function with electric power. Today it has become quite impossible to operate machines without the use of electric power. A constant power supply is quite essential for proper functioning of various machines and equipments at home, industries, offices and factories. These devices are among the safest testing equipments used in the field of electricity. It is also quicker compared to most of the devices used by electricians.

A clamp meter is a tool which helps to measure and test electric current in a power line without breaking any circuits. It is a voltmeter which has two probes or clamps at its head. This device can be used to obtain an accurate reading of any type of electrical equipment. These devices are basically used to measure the Alternating Current or the AC but it is also possible to measure the Direct Current present in the electrical devices.

These devices can be used as attachments to multimeters and as a stand alone device. It is among the most easy to use tool that is quite indispensable while working with high power circuits.

However, there may be irregularities in the flow of power supply. Power fluctuation and failure are some of the most common issues which can lead to massive damages of machineries and loss of productivity. Therefore, it is essential to monitor the flow of current regularly with the help of a clamp meter or current meter.

These devices were found in analog models in the early days. But today the online stores are flooded with a huge variety of meters with digital displays. These modern devices offer accurate outputs and easier analysis of electrical current. These devices are among the most popular tools used by electricians due to its beneficial features.

First match the setting of the device to the current of the circuit to be measured by turning on the dial on the meter. Make a choice between AC and DC. Most of the household wirings include AC power.

The meter should be set to an expected range close to the circuit which is being measured. The power current is often measured in amps and milliamps.

The clamps should be connected around the wires to obtain an accurate measurement. It is important to measure only a single conductor at a time so that accurate readings can be obtained. Pass small amounts of power consistently. Gradually pass large amounts of current to analyze the errors in connection or the equipment. Read the display to obtain accurate measurements.

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