Features and Types of Iron Box

Press release   •   May 11, 2012 16:09 IST

Ironing is one among the few tasks that most of us seldom enjoy; nevertheless with the right type of iron box, this monotonous task can be simplified. This useful electrical appliance is available in different varieties depending on the type of clothes to be pressed and the budget.

There are small portable varieties available for easier use and large equipments used by professional dress makers. It is important to choose equipments which are easy to use, durable and include the necessary features. Today there are equipments with different features available in many of the online stores at affordable price rates.

The most commonly used iron box models include the basic dry model, the steam model, the vertical steam model, deluxe model and the travel model.

Basic dry model: It is one of the most inexpensive varieties available in most of the online and offline stores at attractive price rates. This basic model includes a temperature dial to control the temperature and a metal sole plate. The base model equipment is quite heavy and seldom includes additional features. As it does not include steam features, spray bottles need to be used to achieve the desired results to press clothes.

Steam models: Most of the iron boxes include steam models. These model equipments include small tanks which are filled with water. This water is converted into steam while the clothes are pressed. Some of the most common features include a burst of steam which can be sprayed onto the clothes. The steam is sprayed through a small outlet present in the equipment. The amount of steam to be spayed can be controlled according to the type of clothes to be pressed. Cotton clothes require higher steam to reduce wrinkles. There are steam control switches that can be altered according to the type of fabric.

Vertical steam model: The vertical steam iron box is among the latest versions of electrical equipments. It can steam both horizontally and vertically unlike the ordinary steam equipments. Steaming is one of the easiest and fastest methods of reducing wrinkles. Though the equipment is a bit expensive, it is well worth the price due to its advanced steaming features.

Deluxe model: Apart from the equipments mentioned above, there are superior quality equipments available in most of the online and offline stores at various price rates. Some of the most advanced features of these equipments include auto shut off features, superior steam features, retractable cord, quick temperature control features and so forth. The deluxe models also include multiple steam vents, non stick sole plates and easy-to-fill steam tanks. It is quite expensive compared to the other steam models but includes incomparable features.

Another variety of iron box includes the travel model which is light in weight and quite useful to people who travel extensively. Some of these models can be folded to make it compact in size. Some of the travel models include steam features whereas some may not. As there are different varieties of travel models, choose equipments that are small and compact so that it can be carried around easily.

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