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Press Release   •   Jul 26, 2012 13:31 IST

We all know that, book reviews are disappeared of print publications and are switching to online services Book Reviews, these days. Following are some guidelines for Book Reviews that reviewers should consider and some attributes authors should find for in reviews before allowing a person review their book.

Many of us think that everyone can compose a book review, but to compose one that will assist people to do a knowledgeable decision about whether a book is worth reading needs good writing, sincerity, support for a controversy and a satisfactory description.

Mentioned below are some features of quality New Book Reviews. If you are a person who composes reviews, these guidelines will assist you compose reviews that readers will appreciate.

Honesty: Nothing makes a review more worthy than an honest statement. Suppose a reviewer marks each book five stars, the possibilities are either he’s frightened to offend the author’s sentiments or he's not reading the books. Critiques should be balanced, it doesn't matter the reviewer gets compensation for reviewing the book. A critique is of no concern if it isn’t truth.

Short and Clear Summaries: A book reviewer should always bear in mind to keep the reviews in brief and clear summaries. But, express enough about the story to enhance the reader eagerness such as stopping the review at a cliffhanger situation. In short, a book review should never contain too much detail so that the readers do not want to read the book because he entirely know what it includes.

Accuracy: It is very important for a book review to be accurate. If you want to determine the accuracy of the individual's past reviews, it is the best way to know whether the individual truly reads the books he reviews.

It is very important for a book reviewer to use accurate punctuation and grammar so that he appears competent and intelligent.

Good Writing: The person who reviews should have a good command over the language. He/she should be able to exchange information well. Using a choppy string of words and having wrong grammar sentences will only make the reviewer impression bad, and that will result in people not comprehending the book’s worth.

With the help of the above guidelines, you can also write a quality review. Few reviews are of more advantageous to an author than a positive book review.

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