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Free eBook Offers Ways to Cope with BYOD

Press Release   •   Feb 02, 2013 21:56 IST

Towerwall ( http://www.towerwall.com ), an IT security services provider for small to mid-size businesses, today announced a freely downloadable eBook that offers strategies and best practices for companies dealing with employees bringing mobile devices to work.  The eBook, “Beware of BYOD: How Forward Thinking Companies Can Cope with ‘Bring Your Own Device,’” is available at Towerwall.com.

As the runaway proliferation of smartphones and tablets in the workplace goes unchecked, the BYOD trend is introducing serious IT security issues including the potential theft of IP and proprietary information plus vulnerabilities.

Statistics show that 80% of workers bring their own mobile device to the workplace.  Around 60% of workers do so even though the practice is not formally sanctioned by the company. Add to this that half of all security breaches stem from lost or stolen devices, pointing to the difficulty of securing information with mobile devices.

“Beware of BYOD” is authored by Michelle Drolet, CEO of Towerwall, whose consulting clients include Brown University, Bose, and Raytheon. Towerwall manages and deploys technology by such leading vendors as Trend Micro, RSA, Websense, and Qualys.

“Beware of BYOD” introduces possible legal ramifications as well as the probability of inviting malware into the network. The eBook helps companies frame their response by asking the right questions, taming myths about the costs, and advocates what a BYOD policy should entail. Topics include remote data wiping, data leakage prevention, best practices and education. Chapters include:

* To Authorize BYOD or Not, That is the Question
* 10 Things Everyone Should Know Before Bringing a Device to Work
* Why You Need a Mobile Device Policy
* Key Issues to Consider for a BYOD Strategy
* 5 Ways BYOD Can Harm Your Company

“Even if you don’t condone it in the workplace you should still have a BYOD policy in place,” says Drolet. “The trend is universal and it represents a threat to organizations of all sizes. Just as with every other change, planning and strategy must come first. This eBook covers what businesses need to know before creating policy."

This is an excellent resource for IT managers, CTOs, and business owners to learn more about this trend and strategies that can be applied to better control and manage BYOD.

Download “Beware of BYOD” by visiting http://www.Towerwall.com.

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Since 1993, Towerwall has been providing IT security technology services required to run successful business-class networks for such organizations as Brown University, Bose, Middlesex Savings Bank, PerkinElmer and Raytheon. For more information please visit http://www.towerwall.com.

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