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FTTH: Reggefiber’s open access strategy Market Research Report

Press Release   •   Sep 10, 2010 17:35 IST

Reggefiber has emerged as the major FTTH player in the Netherlands. Its position was boosted when incumbent KPN came aboard as a major shareholder in 2008. KPN will leverage the Reggefiber network to deploy FTTH-based broadband/video to its own retail customers. Reggefiber is aiming to connect 2 million homes (more than one-quarter of Dutch households) by 2013. The cooperation of municipalities will remain important to Reggefiber, both in facilitating deployment and helping to finance it, particularly in less dense areas.

Table Of Contents :

Executive summary
In a nutshell
Ovum view
Lessons for telcos and NGA stakeholders
Broadband in the Netherlands
Market context
A new approach to fiber deployment
Company overview
Structure and services
FTTH joint venture: playing to each other’s strengths
A clear regulatory framework and pricing certainty
Pricing details
Business model: key components
It’s all about uptake
A return to some demand aggregation activity underlines the ongoing marketing challenge
End-user uptake and usage trends: initial lessons
End-user behavior and adoption
The commercial market cannot guarantee equitable access to high-speed broadband
Deployment strategy
A network of local operating companies
Options for public financing
Network design
Rollout approach
The home challenge: driving simpler and cheaper connections
Research methodology statement

List of Tables
Table 1: Options for municipality involvement/financing of NGA

List of Figures
Figure 1: Drivers for Reggefiber/KPN open access FTTH deployment
Figure 2: Reggefiber value chain: passive and active products
Figure 3: Reggefiber deployment map
Figure 4: Growth in homes passed/connections: 1Q08 to 4Q09
Figure 5: Network topology

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