Fuel Technology Altering Indian Commercial Vehicle Market

Press release   •   Mar 20, 2012 14:59 IST

Fuel technology in Indian commercial vehicle market is going through significant changes over the past few years. According to a recent research report by RNCOS, the transformation from traditional fuel like petrol and diesel to CNG and LPG is changing the face of Indian commercial vehicle market. The government is also laying emphasis on increasing the use of more environment-friendly alternative fuel-based vehicles. The market is also gearing towards more advanced fuel technologies like hybrid technology, which are expected to gain high demand in near future.

The report titled, “India Commercial Vehicle Market Analysis”, from RNCOS says that the sales of commercial vehicles, especially light commercial goods carriers, are reaching great heights in both domestic and export markets. With replenishing economy, increasing public and private spending on infrastructure, and higher penetration of financing facilities, the growth trend of commercial vehicles is expected to continue in the coming years. As per our analysis, we found that among all the commercial vehicle segments, LCV Goods carrier is one of the fastest growing segments, and is likely to register a sales growth of around 20% during FY 2012-2015.

The research, aims at evaluating the future potentials of commercial vehicle industry’s in India and facilitates information on production, sales, exports, and key players in each segment (M&HCV, LCV and three-wheelers) that has been further divided into passenger carrier and goods carrier sections. During the study, the Indian commercial vehicle market has been evaluated from every perspective. A comprehensive study on commercial vehicle tyre industry has also been included in the extensive research, which foresees exponential growth in CV auto component industry. The report also covers regional analysis, in which it was found that South India leads the country in terms of commercial vehicle market. Besides, the report studied the growth in used commercial vehicles market in the coming years. With a view to understanding the industry’s competitive landscape and presenting its balanced outlook to the clients, we have included profiles of key players like Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland in our research study. Overall, the report offers a comprehensive analysis of the commercial vehicle market in India to facilitate intending clients to devise strategic investment decisions.

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