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Full-Service Restaurants To Flourish In Germany-Ken Research

Press Release   •   Aug 01, 2017 12:27 IST

The full service restaurant offers meals and snacks for immediate consumption on the premises. Carry out services, sales of alcoholic beverages and providing nontheatrical entertainment are addition services provided by some full service restaurants in Germany.

Germany is highly fragmented by many restaurants hotels and other institutions which are competitive in nature. US exporters have a good chance to export their food products in Germany, keeping in mind: German food laws, packaging and labeling requirements.

According to the report, “Full-Service Restaurants in Germany”, there has been an increase in disposable income of people in Germany which has as a result led to increase in the demand for premium products and a 3% increase in the value growth of full service restaurants has been observed in Germany in 2016. Also, there has been a rise in the disposable income due to favorable economic climate and thereby consumers are much more willing to spend on these kinds of expenses as compared to other service categories, despite a low saving rate.

A very surprising fact that has been noticed recently is that- not even a single player in the category of full service restaurants did achieve even a 1% of total value sale due to limited popularity of chained outlets in full service restaurants in the country. Only; Block house, Hans im Gluck which are located in North America and Maredo which is located in Latin America, are the three largest companies, apart from hotel and restaurant chains, which enjoy favorable locations in the largest German cities.

The full service restaurants market is becoming popular in Germany lately due to alluring and high quality food and services being available at affordable prices for middle income consumers. Premium products are also available for high income consumers. In the forecast period, it is expected that the market will grow and forward towards new variety. Consumers are expected to start demanding low calorie and natural products, especially the high income Germans, due to increasing trend of staying fit and healthy living. Also, it is expected that Europe will cover more share around the globe in the full service restaurant market.

The market is expected to record great amount of revenues especially for the next four years. Due to strong consumer confidence of the product, the chained as well as independent operators are foreseen to be benefited. Players of full service restaurants in the country are dedicating their full efforts towards development and innovation in the ranges and category which is surely going to help the market grow and expand in the future years.
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