Functional Benefits Drive the Personal Care Specialty Ingredients’ Market

Press Release   •   May 08, 2014 14:23 IST

The Indian personal care ingredient market is a dynamic market with burgeoning potential to emerge into an established market. Opportunities are numerous, and are being driven by the growth of the personal care end-use market. As the consumer awareness about the functional benefits offered by personal care products is growing, the demand for specialty ingredients has risen at a rapid pace. RNCOS latest study projects the market for personal care ingredients to grow at a CAGR of nearly 13% during 2014-2019.

Marketers too have gained an excellent tool to lure customers by emphasizing the benefits entailed with the active ingredients in the products. For instance, anti ageing creams sell on the USP of anti ageing ingredients in their formulation. Similarly, UV filters aid the sales of sunscreens/lotions. Bio active ingredients too are becoming popular among end users. As a result, cosmetic manufacturers have increasingly added bio active ingredients in the formulations. In times to come, the market shall further evolve into high specialty products offering clear distinction in the benefits offered.

RNCOS latest research report titled “Booming Indian Personal Care Ingredients Market Outlook 2019”, aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of the market. The report covers current and projected performance of the market and its segments. In-depth analysis of active and inactive ingredient markets, their sub segments shall prove beneficial for the players operating/entering in these segments. Besides highlighting the opportunities in the form of industry trends, the study profiles the key players in the industry along with their product portfolio. The supply chain model and regulatory framework have been described in the report. Importantly, the research report also presents the market projections for the personal care market which is the consumer industry for the ingredients. We believe the report shall serve as a business strategy guide for the market entrants/incumbents and strategy formulators.

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