Functions And Types Of ECG Machine

Press Release   •   Nov 08, 2013 12:13 IST

Electrocardiogram monitors or ECG machines are devices which are basically used to detect heart diseases and monitor the electrical activity of the heart. It is highly beneficial in detecting cardiovascular diseases. These machines can detect damaged and diseased tissues, rate of heartbeat, structural abnormalities, surgical repairs and so forth. It can also detect the effects of certain drugs on the heart.

As it is one of the safest and least invasive methods, it is used by millions of cardiologists all over the world to detect the problems and functions of the heart. The electrocardiogram is depicted in the form of electrical waves which are represented on paper. These waves vary according to the health condition of the heart.

Different Parts of an Electrocardiogram Machine:

This machine is not a single instrument but a group of devices which work together to record and detect the activity of the heart. It reads the impulses of the heart and translates it into a graph style diagram. It is then printed on paper strips.

Electrodes: The machine includes a set of lead wires which include small metal discs at the end of the wire. These discs are soft and adhesive which are attached to the arms, legs and chest to monitor and record the rhythm of the heart. These electrodes are attached to the main unit of the machine. Majority of the electrocardiogram machine utilize 12 electrodes to monitor the functions of the heart.

Amplifier: The amplifiers are devices which receive the electrical signal from the electrodes and convert the information. These amplifiers include various sections and functions. The signal received from the human body is relatively weak and it must be amplified so that it can be stabilized. The amplifier includes a buffer amplifier and a preamplifier which help to convert the information so that it can be read by the output device. However, the amplifier is separated from the main unit of the machine so as to safe guard the patients from electrical shocks.

Output Devices: The ECG machine includes various output devices such as a recorder which records and prints the ECG signal, computers, magnetic tapes, oscilloscopes and so forth. The final output of information includes a paper strip which indicates electrical signals. It can be used to diagnose heart disease and detect recent cardiac arrest and other abnormalities.

Another common type of device includes the holter monitors which are basically portable machines that are used to diagnose abnormal heart rhythms. It is quite similar to the conventional types of devices but it includes various additional features. It includes a portable ECG recorder and three electrodes. The electrical output detected from the heart can be stored in this device so that it can be evaluated by the doctor.

There are various types of electrocardiogram devices which can be bought from online stores easily. The two most common types of machines include the 3-lead and 5-lead machines which are portable. The 12-lead machine is another type of electrocardiogram machine which can be used to detect the activities of the heart from twelve different angles.

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