Functions and Uses of Industrial Cold Storage

Press release   •   Mar 31, 2012 14:30 IST

Industrial cold storage is the standard solution for refrigeration of various products. Today, different companies all over the world rely on food storage and warehouse logistics to store and transport both perishable and non perishable goods to different parts of the world. Storage facilities are available for refrigeration of food items such as meat, fruits, vegetables, fish, medicinal products, diary products and so forth.

Refrigerated containers are essential to store and transport food items, flowers, medicines and beverages. Storage facilities are also utilized by some of the industries such as the plastic industry which stores raw production materials. Industrial cold storage facilities can also be utilized for outdoor and social events to store perishable food items. These refrigerators are ideal to store diary products and beverages so that it stays fresh and consumable.

Various Uses of Industrial Cold Storage

Cold storage facilities are used for a number of purposes. It can be found in different sizes for various storage purposes. Some of the most important use of these refrigerator facilities includes the following.

Storage of fruits and vegetable: Fresh fruits and vegetable need to be stored at a particular temperature so that it remains fresh and edible. Fruits and vegetables are susceptible to spoilage when exposed to harsh climatic conditions. Today, most of the business entrepreneurs and farmers utilize refrigerator facilities to store and transport their goods to different parts of the world.

Storage of meat and fish: All perishable food items need to be stored at a particular temperature. Fish, meat and other food items are prone to decay when stored at room temperature. Storage facilities are also used to refrigerate these types of food items. It can thus be easily exported to foreign countries. These days, most of the food items are stored and transported using refrigerator carriers.

Storage of raw materials: Cold storage facilities are also used to store raw materials. Various raw materials which are used for production need to be stored at a particular temperature.

Storage of diary products: Dairy products such as milk, curd, cheese, butter need to be stored at a minimum temperature. Most of the refrigerator facilities are in-built with a number of advanced technological features such as remote control facilities, altering the temperature to a desired level and so forth. Deep freezers are also used to store diary products such as ice creams and ice cubes.

Refrigerator storage facilities are available in different sizes ranging from thirty feet to forty feet in height. It can be used to store all types of goods and products. These units can be easily transported and shipped in large containers to different countries all across the world.

These freezer storages are extremely versatile and flexible as it can be transported when required. Moreover, there are various types of storage facilities which include combi refrigerator rooms, modular refrigerator rooms and industrial cool rooms. Different types of the refrigerator rooms are used for different purposes. All these types of cold storage facilities are available at reasonable price rates in many of the online stores quite easily.

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