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Furniture and Floorcoverings Retailing in the UK| Verdict Market ReportIs Released

Press Release   •   Feb 01, 2016 15:23 IST

Summary The UK furniture and floorcoverings market is set to enter a period of continued growth over the next five years, though the pace of the recovery will fluctuate. In this report we take a look at how this growth is distributed by channel and sub sector, together with analysis of the implications of these forecasts for retailers. Key Findings - Use our market share and channels of distribution to find out which retailers and channels pose the biggest threat - Identify growth drivers and inhibitors and implement our strategies to boost sales and maximise opportunities in the furniture and floorcoverings sector Synopsis While furniture specialists have made significant progress in online, they must continue to work on better linking this channel with their stores. In 2015, IKEA is trialling click and collect in its stores. With websites being used for pre-purchase research, retailers must ensure that their websites are easy to navigate and be informative. We forecast that kitchens will achieve the greatest uplift in sales between 2015 and 2020, up 20.7% on 2015. This will be driven by improvements the market leader BandQ is doing to improve its offer, the continued expansion of Wren Living, the more buoyant housing market and homeowners spending more time in their kitchens. In both furniture and floorcoverings, we forecast that the multiple specialists will gain the most amount of share, as customers continue making furniture purchases, open more stores and continue to develop their online presence. In both sectors, this growth will largely be at the expense of independents, who struggle to compete on price and range. Reasons?To?Buy - What is the furniture and floorcoverings market size and how will it develop over the next five years? What is driving and inhibiting consumer spend? - Which channels have performed the best, and which channels have seen their share of the market decline? - How will the specialists perform against the emerging remote retailers and DIY retailers up to 2020? How will the department stores compete?.

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Table of Contents

.1 Key findings

1.1.1 Higher levels of disposable income will keep momentum going

1.1.2 Upholstery and carpet set to drive growth in 2015

1.1.3 Greater buoyancy in the housing market will keep momentum going

1.1.4 Remote retailers set to become greater threat to specialists

1.1.5 Online furniture and floorcoverings will continue its rapid growth

2 Main conclusions

2.1 Higher levels of disposable income will keep momentum going

2.2 Upholstery and carpet set to drive growth in 2015

2.3 Greater buoyancy in the housing market will keep momentum going

2.4 Remote retailers set to become greater threat to specialists

2.5 Online furniture and floorcoverings will continue its rapid growth

3 Sector trends

3.1 Despite recovering, online satisfaction in furniture and floorcoverings remains low

3.2 Online retailers shaking up the UK furniture market

3.3 Success of smaller furniture stores and concessions hinges on multichannel integration

3.4 Widening ranges mark the end for the mid-market furniture specialist

3.5 New entrant Tapi set to apply greater pressure on independents

4 Market Size

4.1 Furniture and floorcoverings expenditure trends

4.1.1 Better housing market leads to best performance in 10 years

4.1.2 Furniture and floorcoverings set to return to growth after six years of declines

4.2 Furniture and floorcoverings sub-sector trends

4.2.1 Floorcoverings lags furniture recovery

4.2.2 Furniture increases share of sector

4.3 Furniture and floorcoverings sub-sector breakdown

4.3.1 Furniture

4.3.2 Beds and bedroom furniture returns to 2010 levels

4.3.3 Upholstery achieves strongest growth out of all furniture sub-sectors in 2015

4.3.4 Impact of Howdens deflates kitchens growth

4.3.5 Dining set to outperform living room furniture in 2015

4.3.6 The rise of online specialists will drive bathroom

4.3.7 Home office grows but wireless networks dampen performance

4.3.8 Other achieves marginal growth

4.4 Floorcoverings

4.4.1 Carpet continues to dominate the floorcoverings sector

4.4.2 Increased kitchen and bathroom sales drive the hard floorcoverings sub-sector

4.4.3 Vinyl/linoleum struggles as customers upgrade to hard floorcoverings

4.5 Channels of Distribution

4.5.1 Furniture

4.6 Floorcoverings

5 Market Forecast

5.1 Key findings

5.1.1 Growth drivers

5.1.2 Growth inhibitors

5.2 Strategies for success

5.2.1 Retailers need to link online with stores more

5.2.2 Store environment and experience will become key

6 Furniture and Floorcoverings Expenditure Forecasts

6.1 Key findings

6.2 Volumes consistently drive growth throughout the forecast period

6.3 Furniture

6.3.1 Upholstery

6.3.2 Beds and bedroom furniture

6.3.3 Kitchen

6.3.4 Living and dining

6.3.5 Home office

6.3.6 Bathroom

6.3.7 Other

6.4 Floorcoverings

6.4.1 Carpet

6.4.2 Hard floorcoverings

6.4.3 Vinyl/linoleum

7 Furniture and Floorcoverings Quarterly Expenditure Forecasts

7.1 Furniture and floorcoverings

7.2 Furniture

7.3 Floorcoverings

8 Furniture and Floorcoverings Specialists' Sales

8.1 Key findings

8.2 Channels of distribution

9 Company Data Analysis

9.1 Furniture market shares

9.1.1 IKEA continues to lead the way

9.1.2 IKEA and Oak Furniture Land streak ahead with market share gains

9.1.3 DFS dominates the upholstery market

9.1.4 Oak Furniture Land grows aggressively in the past five years

9.1.5 Beds sector remains highly fragmented

9.1.6 Wren records exceptional growth in past five years

9.2 Key operating statistics

9.2.1 Clothing drives growth at John Lewis

9.2.2 Directory sales drive growth at Next

9.3 Space

9.3.1 Specialists actively reducing their store portfolio

9.3.2 Upholstery specialists set to continue to expand aggressively

9.3.3 New formats help drive space growth for Next

9.3.4 Dreams forges ahead in sales densities in 2014 compared to last year

9.5 Floorcoverings market shares

9.5.1 Carpetright continues to dominate the sector

9.5.2 Carpetright further extends its lead

9.6 Key operating statistics

9.6.1 Carpetright returns to sales growth after four years in 2014/15 financial year

9.6.2 House of Fraser concessions and flooring power ScS growth

9.7 Space

9.7.1 DIY specialists actively reducing their store portfolio

9.7.2 Carpetright continues to cut back on space

9.7.3 United Carpets still feeling the effects of its pre-pack administration

9.7.4 IKEA and ScS tie for the greatest uplift in sales densities

10 Appendix

10.1 Definitions

10.1.1 Current prices

10.1.2 Inflation

10.1.3 Constant prices

10.1.4 Total growth

10.1.5 Volume growth

10.2 Further reading

10.3 About Verdict Retail

10.4 Disclaimer

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