Gauss Meter In Regards To Magnetic Therapy

Press release   •   Apr 19, 2013 15:33 IST

Before we understand the significance of gauss in magnetic therapy, we should be well acquainted with the terminology ‘gauss’ first. Gauss refers to the intensity or scope of a magnetic field. For instance, if there is a magnet on a table, it is to be noted how far the magnetic field could reach to the magnet which can be measured through a Gauss Meter. But the gauss meter alone does not determine the magnet intensity. There are many other factors, such as the mass and what materials it is made of – neodymium, ceramic or iron.

The gauss meter rating on a magnet is referred to as the speed and depth to which it will penetrate. It is to be noted that the larger the mass is, the stronger the magnetic field would be. For example, a magnet that holds the capacity of lifting 2 pounds of iron weight will have 530-600 gauss power. Similarly, 5 pounds of iron weight will hold 900-1250 power, and 25 pounds will hold 2500 gauss power. The measurement by gauss meter is considered in gauss units’ power by the iron weight it lifts. In other words, gauss signifies the electromagnetic unit of magnetic influx density, symbiotically as follows:

1 Gauss equals 1 Mx/cm2

Where, Mx = Maxwell

Cm2 = per square centimeter

There are some general guidelines prescribed by magnetic therapists for use of magnet. Magnets with 1000-3000 gauss power are advised to be employed to treat chronic illnesses, including paralysis, rheumatism, injury to large muscles and backache. The delicate body parts such as ears or eyes need less gauss power of about 500, and the same is recommended for usage among children.

As we know, the depth of penetration of this field into the human body is very important for magnetic therapy. It is also directly associated with the size of the magnet and with that of its gauss power. It is of 4 x 6 holds the strength of over 10,000 gauss such that it penetrates into the body completely. In case of a small magnet, it may only penetrate by an inch into the body.

Another traditional method of magnetic therapy lies in consuming magnetically treated water and attain the benefits of magnetic energy thereof. This water automatically relaxes the body. So how do you make magnetic treated water? Simple! Just put an 8-ounce glass of water onto the negative pole of a magnet for a minimum of 5 minutes. Drink this magnetically treated water at least twice a day which will serve as a preventative.

Over the last 158 years, some scientists have been making records of the strength of the earths magnetic field. It was found that the intake of magnetic energy into human bodies has reduced by over 18% during these years, reflected into the decline of north-south orientation of magnetic crystals in deposits of volcanic flows and sediments of 4000 years ago. The human body is electromagnetic; containing charged particles, such as atoms and ions, these chemical and electrical actions can be strengthened through right exposure to magnetic fields by way of magnetic therapy.

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