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Gelatin Market - Detailed Study Analysis and Forecast by 2023

Press Release   •   Apr 03, 2018 13:01 IST

A latest report has been added to the wide database of Gelatin Market by Infinium Global Research. This report studies the Gelatin Market by Source (bones, bovine hides, pig skin, sheep skin), Application (food & beverages, dyeing & tanning, nutraceuticals, personal care, pharmaceuticals, photography), and by Function (gelling agent, stabilizer, thickener) market status and outlook of global and major regions, from manufacturers, and end industries. The objective of the study is to identify market sizes of different segments & countries in recent years and to forecast the values for the next six years. Gelatin Market provides opportunities in micro markets for stakeholders to invest along with the detailed analysis of competitive landscape, latest trends, and product offerings of the major companies in the Gelatin Market.

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Gelatin is a colorless, odorless and tasteless substance widely used in food products. Gelatin is made from collagen, a soft protein which connects bones, muscles, skins and tendons of mammals such as cows and pigs. The sticky jelly substance obtained, after prolonged boiling of safe to use cartilages, muscles and skins is dried into powder form, for commercial use in various industries. Gelatin finds applications as gelling agent stabilizers and thickeners in cakes, candies, fruit desserts, fruit jellies, ice-creams, marshmallows, puddings, yogurts and some others. Gelatin find industrial applications in the manufacturing of cosmetics, personal care products, pharmaceutical products, dyeing and tanning materials, photographic plate coatings, and some others. Gelatin helps in improving mood, sleep, skin health, digestion and intestinal health, protecting joints and reducing the joint pain, maintaining hormonal balance, heart healthy, and bones stronger, detoxing liver, preventing stretch marks, anti-aging and resists wrinkles, aiding the wellbeing of hair, nails and teeth, stimulating high metabolism and losing weight.

Heavy investments by major players such as Capsugel, Gelita AG, PB Gelatins, Rousselot S.A.S, Weishardt Group and others in research and development for product innovation to counter the threat of alternatives and for finding new applications characterizes the global gelatin market. Increasing preference for convenience & functional food and beverages among people, due to change in lifestyles and need for instant nutrition, drive the growth of the global gelatin market. Moreover, the increasing awareness about the health benefits of the gelatin is enhancing the demand for gelatin based products. As gelatin is a good source for protein, the demand for gelatin is anticipated to increase significantly to meet the increasing demand from nutraceutical industry for making nutritional supplements. Due to the health benefits the applications of gelatin is increasing in the personal care products and it is expected to drive the growth of the market. The technological advancements and emergence of new applications in pharmaceutical industry is expected to drive the growth of the gelatin market. Due to the protein content and the compatibility with the milk, the use of gelatin in dairy products is expected to increase during the forecast period. Fish based gelatin segment is expected to grow faster, due to the demand from food processing and pharmaceutical sectors, during the forecast period 2017-2023.

Segments Covered

The report covers the analysis of global as well as regional markets of gelatin market. Moreover, the global gelatin market is segmented by source, by application and by function. The global gelatin market by source covers bones, bovine hides, pig skin, sheep skin, and some others. On the basis of applications, the market is segmented as food & beverages, dyeing & tanning, nutraceuticals, personal care, pharmaceuticals, photography, and some others. Based on function, the market is segmented as gelling agent, stabilizer, thickener and some others.

Geographies Covered:

Among geographies, Europe is the dominant gelatin market with a global share of around 40%. The increasing consumption of gelatin in countries such as Germany and France, increasing demand for natural nutritional ingredients in food and beverages, and the presence of huge number of pharmaceutical companies in the region drive the growth of the European gelatin market. However the impact of the endemic Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy is anticipated to hinder the growth of the market in the short term, as the outbreak affected large bovine population in Europe and it affect the availability of raw materials for gelatin. North America is the second largest gelatin market. Presence of major global meat processing companies, increasing demand for organic personal care products and functional foods and beverages drive the growth of the North American gelatin Market. Asia Pacific region is anticipated to be the fastest growing gelatin market in terms of CAGR during the forecast period 2017-2023, due to the huge population in region, increasing consumption of convenience food and beverages, increasing instances of ailments such as arthritis and increasing demand for personal care products. Increasing demand for frozen and convenience foods in countries such as Brazil and Argentina drive the growth of the Latin American gelatin market. As a major meat exporting region, Latin America has the potential to grow as a major gelatin market, due to the availability of raw materials.

Table of Contents:-

1. Preface

1.1. Report Description

1.2. Research Methods

1.3. Research Approaches

2. Executive Summary

3. Global Gelatin Market Overview

3.1. Introduction

3.2. Market dynamics

3.2.1. Drivers

3.2.2. Restraints

3.2.3. Opportunities

3.3. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

3.4. Macro Indicator and Factor Analysis

3.5. Demographic Factor Analysis by Regions

3.5.1. North America (NAFTA)

3.5.2. Europe

3.5.3. Asia-Pacific

3.5.4. South America

3.6. Competitive Landscape in the Gelatin Market

4. IGR- Snapshots

4.1. Global Gelatin Market by Source

4.2. Global Gelatin Market by Application

4.3. Global Gelatin Market by Function

4.4. IGR-Growth Matrix Analysis

5. Global Gelatin Market Analysis, by Source (USD million) 2017 – 2023

5.1. Bones

5.2. Bovine Hides

5.3. Pig Skin

5.4. Sheep Skin

5.5. Others

6. Global Gelatin Market Analysis, by Application (USD million) 2017 – 2023

6.1. Food & Beverages

6.2. Dyeing & Tanning

6.3. Nutraceuticals

6.4. Personal Care

6.5. Pharmaceuticals

6.6 Photography

6.7 Others

7. Global Gelatin Market Analysis, by Function (USD million) 2017 – 2023

7.1 Gelling Agent

7.2 Stabilizer

7.3 Thickener

7.4 Others

8. Global Gelatin Market Analysis, Regional Analysis (USD million) 2017 – 2023

8.1. North America

8.1.1. North America Gelatin Market by Source (USD million)

8.1.2. North America Gelatin Market by Application (USD million)

8.1.3. North America Gelatin Market by Function (USD million)

8.1.4. North America Gelatin Market by Country (USD million)

8.2. Europe

8.2.1. Europe Gelatin Market by Source (USD million)

8.2.2. Europe Gelatin Market by Application (USD million)

8.2.3. Europe Gelatin Market by Function (USD million)

8.2.4. Europe Gelatin market by Country (USD million)

8.3. Asia Pacific

8.3.1. Asia Pacific Gelatin Market by Source (USD million)

8.3.2. Asia Pacific Gelatin Market by Application (USD million)

8.3.3. Asia Pacific Gelatin Market by Function (USD million)

8.3.4. Asia Pacific Gelatin Market by Country (USD million)

8.4. Rest of the World (RoW)

8.4.1. RoW Gelatin Market by Source (USD million)

8.4.2. RoW Gelatin Market by Application (USD million)

8.4.3. RoW Gelatin Market by Function (USD million)

9. Company Profiles

9.1. Capsugel Inc

9.2. Catalent Pharma Solutions

9.3. Ewald Gelatin GmbH

9.4. Gelita AG

9.5. Gelnex

9.6. India Gelatine & Chemicals

9.7. Italgelatine S.p.A

9.8. Junca Gelatines S.L

9.9. Norland Products Inc

9.10. PB Gelatin

9.11. Rousselot S.A.S

9.12. Sterling Gelatin

9.13. Weishardt Group

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