Generic Latisse For Growing An Eyelash In A Natural Way

Press Release   •   Dec 09, 2013 14:53 IST

Why the Bimatoprost is prescribed to treat Glaucoma

Actually, Glaucoma is a common eye disease in which increased pressure in the eye result to the vision loss and the drug is the group of medications termed as the prostaglandin analogs. It treats the glaucoma be improving the flow eye fluids out the eyes in the natural manner.

How to use an eye solution- Bimatoprost

Latisse Generic Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution 0.03 is a solution which person can instill in the eyes once in a day. Never take the overdose of the medicine as it can cause side-effects. Doctor's recommendation is very essential before taking it because the solution is not beneficial for all. Doctor prescribe the medicine to the patient by examining their present and post medical condition. They also consider patient age and gender. Before prescribing any medicine. The typical side-effect of the drug is eyelid redness and sometime permanent darkening of the iris.

To prevent darkness of the iris, always use disposable and FDA approved applicator. You will get the applicator with your purchase absolutely free. Read out the instructions carefully before using the applicator to obtain its actual benefits. Always wash your hand with antiseptic soap to inhibit any infection. Try to buy the generic form of Latisse as generic forms of medicines are usually cheap when compared with branded one. If you want to buy online generic latisse eye drop, please call toll free +1-800-897-1053.