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Get eresource and have a consistent planning and control

Press Release   •   Dec 02, 2015 11:02 IST

With implementation of eresource ERP system, organizations enable integration across multiple locations and all its functional areas. As a result, eresource ERP system will help to improve decision-making capabilities that manifest themselves in a wide range of metrics, such as decreased inventory, personnel reductions, speeding up the financial close process and others. It has been proved beyond doubt that implementation of eresource ERP can help firms create value.

The integrated ERP system, eresource, has the ability to automatically update data between related process and functions. For example, you need only update the status of an order at one place, say, in the logistics management module; all the other modules will automatically get updated. The beauty of eresource ERP system is that information updating happens instantaneously. So you get up-to-the-minute information at your fingertips through our effective web-based ERP system.

Another advantage of our ERP system is that that all the users who are involved are also connected to each other. This integration has tremendous potential for improving productivity. As all the data is available on-line and in real-time with the usage of eresource ERP, all the members of the organization have access to the same information for planning and control purposes. This can facilitate more consistent planning and control, in contrast to a legacy system. Our ERP systems permit organizational standardization across different locations. As a result, those locations with substandard processes can be brought in line with other more efficient processes. For details: