GET PERSONAL WITH PGD-ML at NorthCap University

Press release   •   Feb 22, 2017 15:40 IST

Deepa Kapoor, Program Director at the 1-year PGD in Management & Leadership (PGD-ML) at NorthCap University shares how the program is designed in a customised manner towards career aspirations of individuals.

So why Center for Leadership’s PGD-ML over a regular MBA?

Simply because you get to get personal.

When we conceptualised the Program, our priority was to customise it to the maximum extent possible. If each one of our students is different, with different strengths and career aspirations, then why should the approach be the same for everyone? Keeping this in mind, we have structured the course on 3 ‘Personal Pillars’:

Let me elaborate on these ‘3 Pillars’ of personalisation:

  1. We follow aPersonal Growth Plantailored to your strengths. Through individual coaching, personality tests, and leadership workshops, we work on leveraging your strengths towards a leadership role. For example if you are creative, and like to write and enjoy working with people, you can think of a career in Digital Marketing even if you have never done marketing before. And if you are an engineering graduate having worked in the power sector, you can consider moving into the planning office if you have an eye for detail and have a knack for getting things done.
  1. We enablePersonalized Mentoring. We ensure 1:1 mentorship by an industry leader. You could have the Head of BMW Mini India or the APAC Head of SAP invested in your success. If you are passionate about a career in the automotive industry, you can choose to have a mentor from this space. The person from the company you specify can then help you think through whether that industry is for you and if so which company and role would best fit your profile and interest. You don’t need to get into the role and find out it is not for you.
  1. We createPersonalized Placement Opportunities. We keep in mind your goals, interests and capabilities to plan your transformational journey. Roles and companies are then hand-picked for you based on your goals. We give you the freedom to choose which company you want to work with and match you with that company. But not before you have done your personal analysis and explored fit with role, industry and company. And we do this by learning more about you, your passion and interest and introducing you to someone in the company so you can get more insights. For us it is not about getting you a job, it is about getting you in at the right level and at the right fit.

In the Program’s very first year itself, the feedback from students, faculty, and industry, towards this approach, has been has been very encouraging. At the same time, we believe in an approach of constant improvement and hence we keep fine tuning our strategies based on the feedback we get. For example if students want to do an internship we will make sure we fit that into the program. If the industry feels automation and machine learning is something students will benefit from, we will make sure we expose them to it. In this way, we ensure that the Program remains current and relevant for our students.

So if you are looking for a program that will address your specific needs rather than an off-the-shelf MBA, look no further than NCU’s Center For Leadership.