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Get the kind of body shape you always wanted with Maxi Medicare

Press Release   •   Jul 20, 2013 09:54 IST

UK 14TH July, 2013- liposuction is an effective way of fat removal and body sculpting. For many people losing weight and toning up of body is a pretty difficult task. One can lose weight by eating healthy and regular exercise but what about those leftover dormant pockets of fat? No food or exercise can help you in getting rid of that. Liposuction Birmingham or fat removal by surgery is an easy and harmless way of removing these extra sculpt and fats from your body. Liposuction in Birmingham is not an easy tool for weight loss rather a tool to change your outlook. The areas where you can make use of Liposuction Birmingham are chin, knees, buttocks, hips, abdomen, and stomach, and arms, inner and outer thigh. Apart from liposuction, they deal in laser removal and have been able to earn praise from various clients. One of the patients remarked “I found this clinic after meeting them at a bridal exhibition, I was really impressed with they way they presented themselves and was even more impressed with their face lift demonstration. I booked myself in for a consultation and started my treatment in November for my under arm. I've had 3 treatments so far and have noticed a big change in the amount of hair reduced and I still have 3 treatments to go. I also want to thank the therapist who is very comforting and always great to talk to. “ Another satisfied client remarked “I really wanted to get laser hair removal done but some of my friends who had had it done told me that it was painful and it can leave scars on people with darker hair. So I spent 2-3 weeks researching and found out there was a machine called soprano out which not only treated any hair types but was pain free (which apparently is a big thing) so I had consultations at 3 different places that used the soprano machine and decided on maxi medicare because they were cheaper (I'm a student) I've just finished my 3 session on my legs and you can see a world of difference, I don't even think I'm going to need all six sessions. I just want to thank everybody at maxi medicare for a job well done” By making an appointment with Maxi Medicare you get multiple benefits like no long lines, individual attention, reduced bruising and quicker recovery. About Us- Maxi Medicare specialises in laser liposuction as well as laser hair removal.