Global Consumer Electronics Industry Exhibits Tremendous Growth

Press release   •   Dec 06, 2011 17:02 IST

According to a new research report by RNCOS, “Global Consumer Electronics Market Forecast to 2013”, the global consumer electronics industry is set to witness a phenomenal growth in the near future. The digital technology revolution has enabled the industry to earn profit from the growing interaction of digital applications, like camcorders, DVD player/recorder, etc. The consumer electronics industry is one of the most dynamic industries at present. Products that were not into existence until a decade ago are not only available at present, but also have undergone a rapid change, spawning an endless chain of innovations resulting in new products.

Research Analysis and Highlights

The report, “Global Consumer Electronics Market Forecast to 2013”, by RNCOS spread over 120 pages provides an extensive information and rational analysis of the global consumer electronics industry and its emerging trends. It provides an insight into the regional trends together with the discussion on the product segmentation. We have thoroughly analyzed the market size, growth opportunities, regional segmentation, and trends in technology to present a comprehensive overview of the market.

Moreover, our report also discusses the key market driving trends in the near future. In addition, the report also lays special emphasis on the competitive landscape of key players operating in the region. The identification of major players and their performance in detail is discussed, along with the SWOT analysis for a better understanding of the market. Some of the key highlights of the report include the following:

- Global Consumer Electronics Market grow at a CAGR of 7% during 2012-2015.
- China Emerging as One of the Biggest Consumer Electronics Nation.
- Tablet Devices are emerging as the new segment in the PC Industry.
- LCD TV Witnessing Rapid Growth in Global TV Shipments.
- Smartphones Driving Global Mobile Phone Shipments Market.

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