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Global Mobile Broadband Technologies & Services 3G/LTE (2012-2016)

Press Release   •   Oct 30, 2012 12:17 IST

Reort On  Mobile Broadband Technologies & Services
Here comes another run-of-the-mill Report…is probably you might be thinking when we talk of Mobile Broadband. Enough has been written about it over and over again and understandably, you might smirk at another Report on the same subject. But FourOrange Technologies has a different psychology altogether when it comes to research – Our Analysts, even though veterans in their field, never preen themselves on being ‘experts’; instead, they adopt a naive approach to every Research project, and ‘attempt’ to become ‘experts’. And that’s why when our sleuths are assigned any project, they dig right up till they obliterate the chances of anything being left out or overlooked regarding the subject. Mobile Broad Band Technologies 2012 – 2016 is another such attempt. 2010 was a disruptive year for the Telecom industry worldwide. This was probably the first time the industry realized t how mammoth the task is to manage the spiraling data traffic on their networks as it reached nearly 3.12 Exabyte. The consumer has been pampered with way too many promises, but have you – operator, vendor, manufacturer, really come up with a foolproof business solution to accommodate all those promises? Are you even close to managing it? Or, for some, we might ask – Can you ever manage it at all?
 Mobile Broad Band is here to stay – and it’s nothing short of pathetic that nearly every business house is doing the subject to death with a stale approach. We, at FourOrange Technologies took upon this study from a different perspective altogether – over the past 1-year, our team scrutinized over 100,000 pages of Official data; reviewed performance of over 300 companies globally; interviewed nearly 100 executives; and studied more than 80 business models. What the analyses revealed was shocking – We deduced that the majority of businesses are hurtling towards a bleak abyss if they continue their Mobile Broad Band strategies the way they are. What was even more disconcerting was the fact that many have not bothered to think beyond and are smugly sure they are up the right track. All that hoopla about sure-shot business models – be it pricing or revenue sharing, innovative VAS, ARPU enhancers, traffic offloading etc. has been shredded in our Report for we unearthed that a sea-change is required if MNOs, Vendors and the App Community finally get down to doing things differently rather than running up the same old path and following the same old staid Business models. So that all businesses/ concerns even remotely connected to Mobile Broad Band ensure that they do not skid off the track in the period which is nothing short of a ‘Race’ of the telecoms, we have presented solutions keeping ‘differentiation’ in mind – to ensure that all who have what it takes, achieve their Revenues and ARPU targets during the next 6 years, while cutting back churn and enhancing consumer loyalty. Mobile Technologies
 Pricing is fast approaching to becoming a second-hand tool for cutting Churn – VAS would be the stronger one, but then again, are you sure you are tapping enough into the Average Consumer ‘Psychology to keep on enticing him with your VAS?
 Moreover, is your technology really supportive to all the VAS your marketing team might be envisaging? There’s a sea of ‘unexploited’ consumers left to fish in. Do not think the fish will bite the hook – You have to bait them. Europe and North America would lag behind Asia Pacific in Mobile Broad Band growth. Why? MNOs in these regions need to drive consumer adoption in strategically different ways. Asia Pacific is huge in terms of population – and that alone is one of the factors; but then you must consider that relatively larger portions of the region are highly underserved. Socio-economic constraints of the sub-regions have to be conquered to blast them with Mobile Broad Band. Towards this the MNOs must adopt a long-term strategy, one in which they should not be expecting too much too soon. On the other hand, markets in Europe and North America have a different composition. The challenge lies not really in expanding the Mobile Broad Band base, but rather, to ‘enhance’ it. The psychological make-up of an average user in these regions is like a child reaching adolescence overnight – it is the case of too much too soon. MNOs and vendors need a different approach now. More customization is required, both in terms of Mobile Broad Band offerings and smartphones. And the omnipresent debacle: LTE or WiMAX – Confused as to which to go with for pursuing your Mobile Broad Band ambitions?

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