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Global NASH (Non Alcoholics Steatohepatitis)Market:Trends,Opportunitiesand Forecasts (2015-2030) Now Available at iData Insights

Press Release   •   Jan 14, 2016 13:02 IST

Executive Summary Progressive numbers of Liver disorders along with rise in obesity will fuel the demand for NASH Drugs The Global NASH Market is growing at a moderate rate over last five years on account of rising number of obesity among young population. NASH (non-alcoholic steatohepatitis) is a large, un-tapped market with no FDA approved therapeutics. Antioxidants, anti-diabetic medications, anti-obesity medications and antihyper Lipidemics are some of the off-label products currently used by NASH patients. Moreover, increase in number of patients suffering from fat in liver disorder is further anticipated to boost the Global NASH market in the coming years. According to Azoth Analytics research report, Global NASH (Non Alcoholics Steatohepatitis) Market: Trends, Opportunities and Forecasts (2015-2030) - (By Region, By Drugs Off Label & Special Treatment, Aramachol, Clinical Pipeline, GR-MD-02, GFT 505 Market) , global non-alcoholic steatohepatitis drug specific market is estimated to start growing by 2020 at a CAGR of 25.56% during 2020-2030, due to the projected product launches in 2020. Surge in cycles of clinical trials and their success rate has improved the probability of industries receiving commercial approval for NASH therapeutics by the end of 2020. Additionally, the absence of efficient diagnostic technologies acts as a major hurdle for the research of NASH therapeutics. Nevertheless, the emergence of novel biomarker technologies and improvements in liver biopsy technologies are expected to bring about an evolution in the diagnosis of NASH and other fatty liver diseases. Despite of these challenges, certain key players such as Galmed Pharmaceuticals, Gilead Sciences, Novo Nordisk, Genfit, Intercept and Galectin Therapeutics are conducting extensive research on NASH therapeutics and are receiving positive results from clinical trials. But, the low diagnosis rates, low prescription rates and low treatment seeking rates continue to pose significant challenges for these emerging players. The United States, which has the highest number of research initiatives concerning NASH, holds nearly half of the global market share. The chief reason behind this growth is the high prevalence of diabetes and obesity and the growing number of people suffering with these conditions. The US has the highest number cases of NASH and other non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases. Scope of the Report Global NASH (Non Alcoholics Steatohepatitis) Market: Trends, Opportunities and Forecasts (2015-2030) - (By Region, By Drugs Off Label & Special Treatment Drugs, Aramachol, Clinical Pipeline, GR-MD-02, GFT 505 Market) analyses the following aspects of global Alzheimer s market: " Global NASH Market Size, Share & Forecast " Segmental Analysis By off Label , By Specific Drug and By Patient " Policy & Regulatory Landscape " Changing Market Trends & Emerging Opportunities " Competitive Landscape & Strategic Recommendations Why You Should Buy This Report? 1. To gain an in-depth understanding of NASH disease and dementia market propelling globally. 2. To identify the on-going trends and anticipated growth in the next five years 3. To help industry consultants, drug and diagnostics manufacturers, vendors and dealers align their market-centric strategies 4. To obtain research based business decision and add weight to presentations and marketing material 5. To gain competitive knowledge of leading players 6. To avail limited customization in the report without any extra charges and get research data or trends added in the report as per the buyers specific needs.

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Table of Contents

H Off-Label Drugs Market Share by Region

3.5 Global GFT505 Market: Sizing & Growth

3.5.1. GFT505 Estimated Valuation

3.5.2. GFT505 Market By Value

3.6. Global Aramchol Market: Sizing & Growth

3.6.1. Market Size: By Value

3.6.2. Market Size: By Patient Volume

3.7. Global GR-MD-02 Market: Sizing & Growth

3.7.1 GR-MD-02 in NASH Patients

3.7.2 GR-MD-02 Market By Value

4. Country Analysis

4.1 The US Nash Market Overview

4.1.1. The US NAFLD Population

4.1.2. THE US NASH Population

4.1.3. The US NASH Prevalence Rate

4.1.4. The US NASH Diagnosed Cases

4.1.5. The US NASH Treatment Rate

5. The US NASH Market by Therapeutics

5.1 The US NASH Off-Label Drugs Market by Value

5.2 The US NASH Specific Drugs Market by Value

5.3 The US Aramchol Market: Sizing & Growth

5.3.1. The US Aramchol Market: By Value

5.3.2. The US Aramchol Market: By Patient Volume

5.3.3. The US Aramchol Penetration Rate

5.3.4. Aramchol Cost of Treatment in the US

5.4 The US GFT505 Market by Value

5.4.1 The US GR-MD-02 Market: Sizing & Growth

5.4.2. GR-MD-02 Market By Value

5.4.3. GR-MD-02 Market by Patient Volume

5.4.4. GR-MD-02 Cost of Treatment in the US

6. Regional Analysis

6.1 Europe NASH Market Overview

6.1.1. Europe NAFLD Population

6.1.2. Europe NASH Population

6.1.3. Europe NASH Prevalence Rate

6.1.4. Europe NASH Diagnosed Cases

6.1.5. Europe NASH Treatment Rate

6.2 Europe NASH Market By Therapeutics

6.2.1. Europe NASH Off- Label Drugs Market By Value

6.2.2. Europe NASH Off- Label Drug Market Share By Region

6.2.3. Europe NASH Specific Drug Market By Value

6.3 Europe Aramchol Market: Sizing & Growth

6.3.1 Europe Aramchol Market By Value

6.3.2 Europe Aramchol Market By Patient Volume

6.3.3. Europe Aramchol Penetration Rate

6.3.4. Europe Aramchol Cost of Treatment

6.4 Europe NASH GFT 505 Market By Value

7. Country Overview

7.1. Japan NASH Market Overview

7.1.1. Japan NASH Therapeutics Market By Value.

8. Clinical Pipeline Analysis of NASH Drugs

8.1. Aramchol ( Galmed)

8.1.2. Chemical Structure

8.1.3. Clinical Timeline

8.2. GFT505 ( Genfit)

8.2.1 Chemical Structure

8.2.2 Clinical Timeline

8.2. Obeticholic acid or OCA ( Intercept)

8.2.1 Chemical Structure

8.2.2 Clinical Timeline

8.2.3. Mechanism of Action

8.3. Cenicriviroc or CVC ( Tobira Therapeutics)

8.3.1. Chemical Structure

8.3.2. Route Of Administration

8.3.3. Clinical Timeline

8.4 Cenicriviroc or CVC ( Tobira Therapeutics)

8.4.1 Chemical Structure

8.4.2 Route Of Administration

8.4.3 Clinical Timeline

9. Market Dynamics

9.1 Drivers

9.2 Challenges

9.3 Market Trends & Developments

10. Competitive Landscape

10.1 Company Profiling

10.1.1 Galmed Pharmaceuticals

10.1.2 Genfit

10.1.3 Galectin Therapeutics

10.1.4 Gilead Sciences

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