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Global, Regional, and National perspectives of Renewable Energy Market

Press Release   •   Oct 07, 2010 16:43 IST

Global Markets for Renewable Energy

This study determines the current status of the global market for renewable energy sources and assesses the growth potential over a 5-year period from 2010 to 2015. It covers the major sources of renewable energy as primary fuels hydroelectric, wind, solar, liquid biofuels for transportation, geothermal, and oceanic sources (wave, tidal and thermal). ( )

Integrated studies covering renewables have become unusual due to their rapid growth and differing characteristics; moreover, we were particularly interested in assessing the possibility that renewables will begin to compete with each other as well as with fossil fuels for market share, government subsidies, and public support. We also wished to examine the impact on the market brought about by the surging global demand for energy, the impact of climate change on alternative fuels, improvements in technology, and the availability of new materials. Our key objective was to present a comprehensive overview of the current markets for renewable energy supplies and the future directions they make take.

Market studies have become increasingly “stove-piped” regarding green technology in general and renewable energy sources specifically. This is natural. Each of the sources of renewable energy employs differing technologies, has differing constraints, and offers different possibilities to differing classes of users.


The scope of this report is intentionally wide. We cover the major sources of renewable energy as primary fuels—hydroelectric, wind, solar, liquid biofuels for transportation, geothermal, and oceanic sources (wave, tidal and thermal). There is no shortage of reports on each of these in the marketplace. What is lacking, and what this report is intended to provide, is a global perspective that places each of these sources in a relevant context for decision makers in both the public and private sectors.

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