Globalization: International Trade to Drive Food Safety Testing Market

Press release   •   Aug 30, 2013 14:25 IST

Apart from economic growth, globalization has also brought international trade of unsafe food along. After liberalization of trade across territories, frequent cases of food contamination have threatened the health and trust of consumers worldwide.

According to our study, “Global Food Safety Testing Market Analysis”, various aspects of international trade, such as complicated production methods and lengthened supply chain are going to be instrumental in driving the food safety testing market. Therefore, there is a need for implementation of food safety standards at every level of the food supply chain. The enforcement procedure should witness participation from nations, regulatory authorities, food industry and consumer groups in order to create a balance between trade and food safety concerns.

International trade has led to interconnectivity and dependency which has complicated the food production system resulting in reduced insights into the origin and treatment of raw materials and products. According to RNCOS, other factors that will influence food safety include rising incidence of foodborne illness, changes in microorganisms, demographics, food handling practices, consumer demands and awareness.

Among the various segments in food testing, pathogen testing forms a major chunk. In our report, alongwith pathogen testing we have also covered various aspects of other important segments such as GMO and pesticide testing.

We have highlighted key geographical markets such as United States which are adopting high end technological food testing programs and are taking up policy decisions such as FSMA. In comparison, developing nations like India and China are going through a transformation phase, backed by increased spending from the government.

According to our report, driven by the above mentioned trends, regulatory amendments and technological advances, the food safety testing industry will witness stupendous growth.

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