Government Support Amplifying Bioinformatics Research

Press release   •   Aug 08, 2013 15:53 IST

Bioinformatics market is growing enormously across the globe on back of rising government support for research and development in the sector. The governments of various countries are extending their financial support to the bioinformatics industry. Also, the governments as well as its associations provide huge funding and grants to the domestic bioinformatics companies. In addition to that, the research centers are receiving massive funding for the development of advanced and upgraded therapies which is boosting the growth of Bioinformatics market in the country. Considering the above factors, Global bioinformatics market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 18.5% during 2013-2017.

As per our new research report, “Global Bioinformatics Market Forecast to 2017”,  Bioinformatics market is exhibiting a strong growth potential on globe owing to the cutting-edge R&D activities by the leading players in the industry. The report provides analysis of bioinformatics market performance by segments, by application and by region. By segment, the bioinformatics market is divided into Analysis Software & Services, Content/Database and IT Infrastructure. In addition to that, the report analyzes the wide application of bioinformatics in genomics, proteomics and pharmacogenomics. Further, regional analysis includes the market categorization into Europe, Asia-pacific and North America, the leading region in 2012.

Our report also represents a critical analysis and an unbiased view into the state of the global bioinformatics industry, including the current and future market size for various segments. The report also features exclusive forecasts for various bioinformatics segments, including Analysis Software & Services, Content/Database and IT Infrastructure. Also, the report analyzes global bioinformatics industry performance covering analysis by major application.

Moreover, the research has also included an in-depth country level analysis of bioinformatics market which deals in study of current market scenario and future market potentials of major bioinformatics markets. Additionally, it also looks into the competitive landscape including business overview and recent activities. Overall, the report will facilitate clients in analyzing the driving forces and understand the existing opportunities in the industry which will help the client in decision making before making an investment.

For FREE SAMPLE of this report visit: http://www.rncos.com/Report/IM497.htm

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